Zac Efron Shows His Look Alike Brother, But You’ll Be Shocked By This Strange Detail


Zac Efron is a handsome guy, which many people would consider their ultimate celebrity crush. What many people do not realize is that he has a brother, who is also just as attractive as Zac. Recently the High School Musical star showed off a pic of him and his brother, both with their shirts off. This was a rare sighting as it is very few and far between that his brother makes public appearances. But the more fans began to study the image of the two brothers, they noticed something kind of odd. Read on to learn exactly how this photo of Zac Efron and his look alike brother revealed a rather strange detail. 

Zac Efron is the most well known Efron brother in terms of public fame. He is also the big brother to his younger brother Dylan. According to sources, Zac takes his role as the big brother with real responsibility. They are both pretty close in age, which Dylan says caused them some tension when they were younger. “We were always fighting with each other. And then once I graduated from college Zac really became that older brother, and that’s when I would say we grew closer than ever,” Dylan said. 

Some may also not realize that Zac has more siblings in the crew – two half siblings that are the cutest youngsters ever. His sister Olivia and brother Henry are both from his dad’s side. He has shared photos of his baby brother and sister, with a cute announcement once that Olivia was his Valentine. 

When the picture of the two older Efron brothers appeared, it was from a recent outing they had together. They wanted to end the summer with a fun activity while the warm weather still permits. So they jammed their day with action packed fun, and had a blast swimming, cruising on a boat and enjoying some golf. It all took place on August 31, and Zac shared some cool footage on his Instagram. 

The two Efron brothers definitely showed off some skin and how much they look alike with a photo of them both shirtless. They were both sporting some impressive muscles, each with a set of very chiseled abs. Not only could the photo be appreciated for its male model energy; but the brothers were giving fans something to reminisce on with all the fun summer activities that will be missed as Autumn draws closer. 

As to be expected, Zac Efron fans were quick to flock to the comments section and show their support and admiration for the famous actor. But what was strange is how many fans started having nostalgia for High School Musical – the sequel to be exact. Interestingly enough, this is because the photo of Zac playing golf reminded them of his role as Troy Bolton in High School Musical 2. In this film, Zac’s character Bolton has a pretty epic singing scene that all goes down on a golf course, similar to the one he snapped a photo of on his brotherly outing. 

Fans were overjoyed at the memory of this iconic scene, and seemed to be having some High School Musical and Troy Bolton withdrawals. They made comments to show how much they still remember and love Zac in this role.

 One user said, “Troy is back on the golf course.” Another fan said, “Troy Bolton back on the green?” They obviously miss him in this role and his phenomenal singing scene. Another comment read, “You left east high but east high never left you.” 

With the amount of comments referencing this scene, it is safe to say that many Zac Efron fans might be revisiting this old classic and watching High School Musical again sometime soon.