The Real Reason Why Patrick J. Adams Left Suits


If you knew who Meghan Markle was from before she ruined the British Royal Family, it’s probably because you watched this show called Suits. The show was about a guy with no legal training who was outsmarting actual lawyers on a weekly basis. It was one of the best shows on TV for years. When, after the show’s seventh season, back in 2018 (feel old yet?), Patrick J. Adams decided to step down from the show and no longer be Mike Ross, it came as a huge surprise to anyone. 

It coincided with Meghan Markle’s exit from the show because she was due to marry Harry, so that meant the show instantly lost two of its three biggest cast members. And while he wasn’t exactly getting married into one of the most powerful families on the planet, Patrick J. Adams had a good reason for leaving the show. 

In the year that he quit Suits, Patrick and his wife, Troian Bellisario, had welcomed their first child together. Patrick decided the time had come for him to step down from the spotlights and be more present in the life of his daughter. 

He also claimed that in the story of the show, it made sense for Mike to leave after the seventh season, and Patrick had actually thought of leaving a season earlier, as Mike was released from prison. 

After Suits, Patrick had pretty much done a bit of everything. He made his debut on Broadway, wrote and directed a short film, appeared in some shows on Disney+ and Amazon Prime,… and despite Patrick really enjoying his post-Suits life and the ability to shape his life and career as he pleased, he couldn’t resist coming back one last time for the series finale. They wanted to get the gang back together and finish the show with everyone that had been involved in it from the beginning, and what a nice way it was to say goodbye to Mike Ross, Harvey Specter, and a show that had been a part of the best TV had to offer for almost a decade.