The Most Dramatic Queer Eye Transformations Ever


The before-and-after photos of many “Queer Eye” subjects are genuinely unbelievable. Many people stuck in a rut were taken from zero to hero by the Fab Five team. With the help of Jonathan in the salon chair, Tan in the style department, and the others with their expertise and makeover skills, some of these folks end up looking (and acting) like different people by the end of the episode.

The proof is in the pudding—here are the most impressive transformations that occurred thanks to the hard work of Karamo, Tan, Jonathan, Antoni, and Bobby.

9. Leo

When Leonardo “Leo” Rico starred in “Queer Eye,” he was in a very different place than he was post-makeover. With a cleaned-up beard, a cute haircut, and a style that slays, his new look gave him the confidence to hang out with fellow dads at a parent/teacher get-together.

8. Jennifer

Starring in Season 5, episode 7, Jennifer Sweeney got a makeover, although she was gorgeous to start. However, when she got some new threads and a different hairstyle, her true potential for beauty was seriously unlocked. After the Fab Five taught her about self-care, everything changed.

7. Neal

Although it may not have been the kindest description, some people referred to the introverted Neal as “Sasquatch” before Jonathon did his magic and revealed the handsome face underneath all that hair. His new look made him look so much younger, as did the floral shirts Tan put him in. 

6. Kevin

Another man whose beard was masking his full potential, 50-something-year-old Kevin Abernathy, made viewers break down in tears when they got to witness how much Kevin loves his daughter. To fully prepare for his baby girl’s wedding, he upgraded his teeth and got dancing lessons. 

5. Deborah and Mary

Just like Kevin, Deb and Mary of Jones Bar-B-Q got a lot of dental work done, but their lives changed beyond a physical transformation and a smile makeover. After their “Queer Eye” episode premiered and their restaurant got renovated, they experienced an instant uptick in sales. 

4. William

It’s wild how different some people can look once they take their glasses off, and that was definitely the case for William, who looked like a brand new man when he took off the spectacles, got a brand new hairdo and beard trim, and upgraded his wardrobe all to prepare for a proposal to his girlfriend. Fun fact: William has also appeared in “Stranger Things.”

3. Wesley

Wesley “Disabled But Not Really” Hamilton founded a foundation to restore confidence for people with disabilities and was by far one of the most inspiring people featured on “Queer Eye” even before his makeover. This episode also proves that the producers go out of their way to find people with lots of hair because it makes the makeover much more dramatic!

2. Bobby

Bobby was feared in the episode “Camp Rules,” and the devoutly Christian dad of six went from Sunday school teacher to heartthrob in a matter of minutes once Jonathan got his shears on him. They cleared Bobby’s house of clutter, showed him the importance of self-care to be a better dad and husband, and taught him to make delicious chili.

1. Tom

Tom stole all of our hearts in this “Queer Eye” episode, which had a beautiful backstory about a lost love and an onscreen moment where that flame was reignited. Before his beard trim, upgraded glasses, and removal of that shabby hat, Tom looked quite handsome, although he endearingly told the Fab Five, “You can’t fix ugly.” We hope Tom has higher self-esteem nowadays because he’s a catch and deserves to know it!