The Bling Ring: Where Are They Now?


If you think the Bling Ring is one of those stupid MTV shows about a bunch of rich people completely out of touch with society, it’s not. The Bling Ring was actually an infamous group of five adolescents that stole about 3 million dollars in cash and belongings from a bunch of then-prominent celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Orlando Bloom. 

After their arrest in 2010, there’s been a book and a movie (starring Emma Watson) about their antics, which led to them becoming even more infamous than they already were.

But where are they now? Let’s take a look.

Alexis Neiers

As if getting caught for a crime isn’t bad enough, Alexis actually filmed her own arrest as she was filming for her E! reality show called Pretty Wild at the time. She was in prison for over a month at the exact time Lindsay Lohan was in the same prison. Alexis claims she could hear Lohan crying, despite not being near her cell.

Alexis has been sober for 8 years and is now helping other people who struggle with addiction and recovery. Next to her work at the Alo Recovery Center, she got married in 2012 and has two daughters.

 Alexis Neiers | The Bling Ring: Where Are They Now?  | Zestradar

Diana Tamayo

Diana, whose biggest fear was being deported for her crimes, got off with probation and community service. She’s been keeping out of the spotlight and working as a personal trainer – happily married and all.

Diana Tamayo  | The Bling Ring: Where Are They Now?  | Zestradar

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee was known as the big brains behind the Bling Ring operation, and she served 16 months in prison for it. She feels like her going to prison was a blessing and made her realize she had to depend more on herself. She regrets her actions and admits that she made the wrong choices before her arrest.

She was asked to consult on the Bling Ring movie, but felt like it wasn’t a good idea at the time. In 2018 she gained her cosmetology degree as a hairstylist, and she’s also currently working on a screenplay for a TV drama. I guess there’s a real chance we might be hearing more from this one!

Rachel Lee | The Bling Ring: Where Are They Now?  | Zestradar

Nicholas Prugo

Probably the only member of the Bling Ring to not retreat into obscurity after getting caught and serving a year in prison. He shared his story on Good Morning America and sadly didn’t go straight right away. In 2015 he was charged with stalking and solicitation to commit sexual assault.

After his second brush with the law, he’s been keeping a far lower profile and is apparently currently in a committed and stable relationship.

Nicholas Prugo | The Bling Ring: Where Are They Now?  | Zestradar

Courtney Ames

Courtney Ames got off with probation and community service, and has since severed all ties with her Bling Ring past. She remains out of the spotlight and apparently even tried to change her last name in 2016. Not much is known about her current life, and I guess that means she’s been going straight for a while now.

Courtney Ames | The Bling Ring: Where Are They Now?  | Zestradar