The Best Films About Conspiracy Theories


Conspiracy theories have never been more popular since web 2.0. Where in the old days you had to wait for the conspiracy to come to you, you can now go on Reddit and pretty much create whatever conspiracy you want to. And people will believe it! How cool is that?

And if you’re lucky enough, Hollywood might even pick up on your conspiracy idea. Don’t expect Marvel to turn it into the new Avengers movie, but you might get a semi-decent Netflix deal out of it. Let’s take a look at some of the best conspiracy films, so you can get some inspiration.

The Manchurian Candidate

If you like your war movies with a side of Chinese mind-control, this is the movie for you. Naturally we’re talking about the original movie, here. The remake with Denzel Washington is a good movie in its own right, but we have to respect the classics.

The Manchurian Candidate | The Best Films About Conspiracy Theories | Zestradar

Three Days of the Condor

Remember Watergate? The sheer impact this had on people’s faith in organisations like the CIA led to movies like Three Days. Robert Radford (don’t worry ladies, it’s the younger version) ends up with his whole team taken out, in a world where he can’t trust anyone. It’s a great movie, and the ending really demonstrates how the average American was feeling in the mid-late 70s.

Three Days O The Condor | The Best Films About Conspiracy Theories | Zestradar

Angels & Demons

I mean, it’s got the Illuminati and it’s got Tom Hanks. If you need something else in a conspiracy movie, you’re just simply being far too unreasonable. Also, it’s based on a book. Maybe that’ll win you over.

Angels and Demos | The Best Films About Conspiracy Theories | Zestradar

The X-Files

It probably wouldn’t hurt to watch the show either, but if you’re obsessed by anything regarding Area 51 and aliens on Earth, you pretty much need to watch this movie. It’s also a classic in its own right, so watch it regardless I guess.

The X-Files | The Best Films About Conspiracy Theories | Zestradar

Enemy of the State

If you’re new to this thing called life, you probably don’t remember a time when Will Smith was a good actor. I can’t blame you, but he was. Enemy of the State has Will Smith play a lawyer that gets some sensitive footage planted on him, making him a target for a very specific corrupt bunch of government agents.

Enemy of the State | The Best Films About Conspiracy Theories | Zestradar

The Matrix

Let’s do this the other way around: while this movie wasn’t based on a conspiracy theory, it did give birth to the conspiracy theory that the world we are currently living in is a simulation and not the real world. Then again, if you’ve seen The Matrix and the real world those people live in, I say we better stay asleep and enjoy the ride. Blue pill’s there for a reason.

The Matrix  | The Best Films About Conspiracy Theories | Zestradar


Probably the first movie to be based on the concept of a “deep state” network that controls what happens in the world, this movie has the formerly mentioned shadow organization go toe-to-toe with Kevin Costner. I’m sure that’ll end well.

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