The 7 Most Adorable Movie Couples


Hollywood has given us many memorable things and it’s hard to imagine a world where we didn’t have a proper cinema movie to look forward to every three months or so. And while most movies these days seem to be about a superhero of some kind, there was a time when movies were just about regular people dealing with regular things. One of those things for example is love. 

Let’s take a deep dive into cinematic history and look at some of the most adorable couples that have ever graced the silver screen. Spoiler: there’s going to be no MCU movies in here, because MCU couples have about as much chemistry as my fifth grade curriculum.

Noah and Allie (The Notebook)

Yes, I know The Notebook is one of the cheesiest love stories ever written, but it does do all the things you’d expect from a romance movie. The cast has great chemistry, the story is relatable, the pacing is just perfect and at the end of the movie we’re all going to wish we were either Noah or Ellie. It’s just good.

Peter and Rachel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

If you’re looking for a love story that isn’t perfect at all but somehow manages to make it work, this is the movie you need to watch. Real life is rarely perfect and Peter and Rachel manage to perfectly illustrate that. Also, it’s got this weird crossover between That 70’s Show and How I Met Your Mother going on, so there’s that.

Scott and Ramona (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

There’s no better way to profess your love to a woman than pure violence, and Scott shows the lengths he is willing to go to in great detail. Also this couple is probably the most dorky, adorable thing you’ll ever see on the silver screen. 

Wall-E and Eve (Wall-E)

I think I speak for all of us when I say we didn’t expect such a heartwarming love story when we started watching a movie about a robot who basically lives on a big pile of trash. But as Pixar often does, they surpassed all our expectations and gave us one of the best love stories ever with two of the cutest robots ever designed in the middle of it.

Will and April (Definitely, Maybe)

You can’t go wrong with Ryan Reynolds, and before he was known as Deadpool he starred in a bunch of romantic comedies. Seriously, he did tons. Definitely, maybe is one of the better ones and has some genuinely sweet and adorable moments. It’s honestly not a bad movie at all.

Gigi and Alex (He’s Just Not That Into You)

A pretty typical “guy wants to give girl an important life lesson but ends up learning something himself” movie, but it does everything that it needs to do. It’s not Oscar worthy material by any stretch of the imagination but it’s definitely one of the better romance movies of its time.

Juno and Bleecker (Juno)

The two most awkward actors of their generation put together in a romantic comedy? What could go wrong? Well, nothing. It’s honestly a great movie that deals with a very heavy subject in the best of ways. It’s definitely not the most conventional love story on this list but it is one that you need to have seen.