Suri Cruise Didn’t Get Her Height From Her Father


When the news came a good 18 years ago that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were expecting their first child together after Tom Cruise very openly failed to have children with his previous partner, Nicole Kidman, the whole world was beyond ecstatic for him. He had always been a popular and loved actor, and just seemed like the kind of guy you want nothing but the best for. Sadly, there was also a group of people that had to point to his unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child in the past and did a mental gymnastics double backflip to end up at the – in their eyes – only possible conclusion: the kid probably wasn’t Tom’s. Luckily, we now know better.

What we do know is that Tom Cruise is notoriously small and very insecure about it. He’ll often get caught on set wearing higher heels so he can at least meet eye to eye with his female costars, so with Katie Holmes being a somewhat taller woman, that definitely led to some wild speculation about how tall exactly Suri would end up being. Now that she’s a grown woman, we can loudly say, “Oh, thank God, she’s as tall as her mother.” 

The biggest growth spurt for Suri, as it is with most girls (yes, even the non-famous ones!) came when she was about 12 years old. At that point, she was already reaching Katie’s shoulders and probably her father’s forehead. Sadly, that was also the time when Suri and Tom were no longer an active part of each other’s lives. After Tom and Katie separated, Katie took over as basically a single mom so Suri could have a normal upbringing and be as far removed from her father’s ties to Scientology as possible.

It’s safe to say that with the sacrifices Katie has made to raise Suri as a normal teenager, she’s well on the way to becoming a young adult capable of going down the path in life she chooses herself. And as for her father, well, he’s filming yet another Mission: Impossible movie. And yes, set photos have leaked of him wearing heels. It’s good to know that in this ever-so-quickly changing world, some things will never change.