See The Stranger Things Cast, Then And Now


The kids of Stranger Things were a lot different when we were first introduced to them. The Netflix hit series premiered back in 2016. From Lucas to Eleven, all of the main characters were just adolescents and preteens when the show started. Now, they are all growing up, as actors and as the characters that they play on the show. The six of them have all gone through major changes and developments, on and off the screen. And with the recent release of Stranger Things 4, it’s the perfect time to look back at the case and how they’ve grown. Check out The Stranger Things cast, then and now. 

Eleven — Millie Bobby Brown

Eleven is a lot different from her original character, who was basically being held captive in a secret facility for gifted, psychic kids. She has become more acclimated to typical teenage life, but still deals with adjusting from her previously odd upbringing. 

Lucas Sinclair — Calib McLaughlin

Lucas has gone from a goofy preteen to a full-blown young adult. He has definitely grown into his own, now playing on the basketball team for Hawkins. 

Mike Wheeler — Finn Wolfhard

Mike has definitely grown up in the last few seasons. But one thing that has never faltered is his loyalty, with him being one of the most highly affected when he lost his best friend Will. He is also now dating Eleven. 

Dustin Henderson — Gaten Matarazzo

Dustin is himself though and though, and his nerdy, redeeming quirkiness is only becoming more pronounced and admirable as he gets older. He is still the lovable, talkative and super knowledgeable one in the bunch. 

Will Buyers — Noah Schnapp

Will has been through one of the most horrific things in the show: getting lost in the Upside Down. It was a traumatic experience for him; he is now reunited with his friends and family, and trying to get back to a sense of normalcy. This is also while getting adjusted to relocating to California.

Max Mayfield — Sadie Sink

Max is a skater and gamer that was introduced in season 2, who was elemental in helping Eleven adjust to normal life. She is growing into a more dynamic character, with her own storyline of drama in season 4. 

Nancy Wheeler — Natalia Dyer

Nancy started out on Stranger Things as a socialite type dating the popular jock in school, Steve Harrington. But after her best friend Nancy disappeared, she put on her detective hat and now investigates the weird occurrences of Hawkins. 

Steve Harrington — Joe Keery

Steve did a total 180 transformation, going from a rude jock character to becoming sort of a big brother, protector role for the younger gang. He is one of the most reliable friends that the core gang has. 

Jonathan Byers — Charlie Heaton

Will has grown from a moody outsider in the high school setting to someone that people better understand and appreciate. He eventually went on to start dating Nancy, but now they must discover if their relationship can stand the long distance between Hawkins and California. 

Erica Sinclair — Priah Ferguson

Erica is Lucas’ little sister, who became a lovable character in season 2 for her hilarious punch lines and charismatic personality. She has grown in her character as well and still a core staple in the show. 

Robin Buckley — Maya Hawke

Robin became a fixture on the show in season 3 as a coworker of Steve at Scoops Ahoy. She is well versed in defeating monsters and fights alongside the gang now as a true friend.