Scrubs: Where Are The Cast Now


While half the world was busy watching House M.D., the other half got their hospital drama from an equally impressive show: Scrubs. The light-hearted show dealt will all the serious stuff you’d expect from a hospital setting and was known for its very clever writing and insanely good cast. But since the show hasn’t been aired in what seems like forever, did it succeed at launching the careers of its biggest stars?

Let’s find out what the actors are doing now!

Donald Faison

There’s no one that has seen Scrubs and didn’t want Turk as his best friend, so where would we find Turk now? He’s still keeping active in Hollywood and mostly spends his time working in various TV shows. His career in movies hasn’t really taken off though, but that seems mostly due to him picking the wrong projects.

John C. McGinley

John was the only actor that was already well-established before he set foot on the set of Scrubs, having starred in some big movies like Point Break, Platoon and Se7en. He’s not doing all that much these days and only seems to give his time to projects he really wants to do. 

Zach Braff

The main character of the show, J.D., conquered all our hearts with his boyish charm. Zach has still been doing some minor work in acting with a few projects lined up every year, but has also shifted towards a producing and directing role. So while you may not see him on screen that much anymore, he’s definitely keeping busy and has built a steady career for himself.

Neil Flynn

Every good hospital show needs a janitor. After Scrubs, Neil went on to The Middle where he played Mike Heck for a decade, and apart from that he’s been doing a lot of voice acting for animated shows. 

Sarah Chalke

Sarah probably got the best career out of playing Elliot in Scrubs. She currently voices Beth Smith in the amazing Rick & Morty, so you could arguably say she moved on to an even bigger show than the one that launched her career. 

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins played the father figure with Dr. Kelso, and has apparently stopped acting after 2019. It kind of makes sense, the man is in his 80’s at this point so he’s definitely earned his retirement. It’s hard to find a series this man hasn’t shown up in at least once, so we can conclude that he had a very varied and well-filled career.