Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Series Characters That We Would Love to See Together


Many experienced TV show fans always have their favorite couples. Very often the chosen couple doesn’t end up together which breaks viewers hearts. When chemistry is obvious it feels even worse when characters choose a different path. Check out the list of couples we would love to see together.



Clark Kent & Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Future Superman has quite a few love interests and even though we know Lucy Lane is the one. Chloe has been in love with Clark since the day they met, unfortunately Clark has never acted on it.


Henry Mills & Drizella (Once Upon a Time)
Happily ever after does exist and it has happened many times before. Henry was meant to be with Cinderella but Drizella was the bad girl he needed. Who knows if their relationship would last long enough for both of them to die of old age as Drizella’s background cannot be ignored.



Allison Argent & Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)
A Classic Romeo and Juliet situation in a fantasy world. Families which prevent two lovers being together is something common but this time it is the girl’s choice. A Werewolf hunter and an actual werewolf is an unlikely couple but maybe in the future they can be together.


Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds & Inara Serra (Firefly)
Firefly was cut short so the development of this couple has been frozen in time. There has been history between the captain and the companion, the attraction they both fight leaves them in a love/hate relationship. Everything that we learn about their past hints that they will be together, however, this doesn’t get to our screens. The comics released later mentioned the romance and a hopefully happy end for this couple.


Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
The standoff between Eric and Bill was tense and picking a better guy of two evils was a challenge. Happily for Sookie she decided to reject both of them. But we can’t but admit that the connection between Eric and Sookie was deep and caring.



Buffy Summers & Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
The real bad boy and the famous vampire slayer are a couple made in heaven. Starting as enemies and eventually getting into an on/off relationship was somehow a win. Angel seemed to be like a right match but it would make the script predictable.


Klaus Mikaelson & Caroline Forbes (Vampire Diaries)
Klaroline line became so big that many devoted fans released lots of photo and video collages of these two being together. The bond was strong and slow development has built up a hype that couldn’t be maintained. Let’s hope Klaroline stays always in our hearts.



Phoebe Halliwell & Cole Turner (Charmed)
The chemistry between these two is extremely strong. They spent a lot of time together being married, however, the darkness got between them. For a very long time it was the biggest romance in the show and the sad ending left many fans unsatisfied. Things could be different and a couple made in hell would be the one with a happy ending.