Peter Pan All Grown Up: Whatever Happened To Jeremy Sumpter?


Remember Jeremy Sumpter from “Peter Pan” in 2003? He was a teen heartthrob back then, but what has he been up to lately? Well, he dated his co-star, Rachel Hurd-Wood, and even got into golfing. He landed a role on “Friday Night Lights” and won an award for his charity work with the Ready or Not Foundation. So that’s what he’s been doing. It’s pretty cool, huh?

1. Peter Pan and Wendy were a thing?

After filming Peter Pan, Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood, who played Wendy, dated for two years. They fell in love on set and dated for a while. Apparently, they were each other’s first love! Unfortunately, they split as their lives went separate ways, but Sumpter still remembers their great moments together. He posted a throwback on Instagram in 2015, reminiscing about their love, and two years later, they reunited at Disneyland, but this time as good friends.

2. Golfing Fever

Being a movie star is not Sumpter’s only hobby; he’s also very much into golfing. He’s been into smacking balls since childhood, and by 17, he started getting serious about it. Despite his dedication, he’s humble about his handicap, wishing he played even better. Sumpter admitted in a 2014 interview that if his acting career didn’t pick up when it did, he’d aim for the PGA Tour.

3. “Change the World” Award for Jeremy

Jeremy Sumpter snagged the Change the World Award for his work with the Ready or Not Foundation, focused on pediatric brain cancer, not long after he turned 20. To raise awareness and, of course, funds, he was very vocal on social media, launched fundraisers, and visited charity events and children’s hospitals. The kids are worth it in the end.

4. Horror movie star

After the success of Friday Night Lights, Sumpter dove deeper into horror films. In 2010, he starred in Death and Cremation. Two years later, his character met his gruesome end in Excision. After a short break, Jeremy continued his horror streak with Animal and The Culling. He hinted at branching out beyond the horror genre, but for now, it’s his bread and butter!

5. Jeremy, the Producer

After The Culling, Sumpter produced and acted in The Squeeze, where he played a young golfer named Augie. Interestingly, he didn’t even audition for the role. All the actor had to do was play some golf with the director and put his whole career on a trick shot with his putter. Although he didn’t quite make the shot, he came really close, and the director included it in the movie. Sumpter seized this opportunity to expand beyond acting and produced his very first film.

6. Getting married to Elizabeth Treadway

Even today, not many people know that Jeremy got married to a flight attendant named Elizabeth Treadway in a very low-key wedding in Tennessee in 2022. The couple couldn’t be happier, and Jeremy even posted an adorable photo of him seeing Elizabeth in her dress for the first time. He was looking at the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and that’s just a sign Peter Pan finally grew up!

7. Becoming a father

What’s the point of getting married if not to have kids, right? In 2023, Jeremy and Elizabeth brought a baby girl named Lucy Snow into this savage world. Jeremy was ecstatic when she was born and posted cute pictures of her on his Instagram. He even tattooed her name and birthdate on his arm!

8. What the future holds

Even though Jeremy’s days of playing Peter Pan are long gone and he may not be as famous as he used to be, he’s still pumped about performing. In fact, in 2022, he took part in five different projects! Most of them went straight to streaming, which in today’s world is not that bad, but he’s still happy with his career. Sumpter loves acting because it allows him to get into other people’s shoes. However, becoming a producer did open a new avenue for Jeremy, so that may be his path going forward. It’s clear that Peter Pan may be all grown up, but his love for the magic of filmmaking is still as strong as ever!