Mister Global 2021 Contestants In National Costumes Look Like Video Game Bosses


Usually, we’re used to seeing women in beauty pageants. Traditionally, these contests focus on judging people based on their physical attributes. Some people find these events objectifying, while others think it’s an act of empowerment. No matter what you think, the results are quite beautiful — all those contestants putting hours into their appearance does dazzle the crowd, ultimately. 

These competitions first started being held in the 1920s and while they’re not as popular now as they were then, certain pageants by organizations are changing the way they’re perceived. Beauty pageants aren’t only for women anymore — the Mister Global competition in Thailand, which has been happening for almost a decade, shows off men in their striking national costumes like never before. Here are the top looks from their 2021 show. 

The head of the organization says: “the national costume competition is a major highlight of the contest. There are a lot of pageants and people from around the world waiting for this, as it’s one of the most exciting sections. We can see and learn about fashion culture from different countries through a national costume, designed and presented through a contestant that represents their country.”

The CEO of Mister Global, Pradit Pradinunt, also commented, telling the outlet that the very first Mister Global event was held in Pak Chong city.  Since then, it gained popularity and has been held in various exotic locales around Thailand. It became one of the most iconic international male pageants in the world. Contestants are judged in these categories: fashion, swim, evening, and interview. 

These men, who look absolutely gorgeous and attention-commanding in their intricate outfits, make an impact on social causes while looking good. Pradinunt expanded that the winner and contestants of the yearly pageant are provided with a global platform through strategic partnerships with brands and sponsors.  

Of course, the competition has its difficulties. The president of Mister Global told BP: “There are differences in language, culture and time. In addition, we must take these matters into consideration when organizing a pageant. Diversity really matters. And the contest itself must be an event that adds value to society around the world and inspires the new generation”

While it is an entertaining event filled with hotties, it’s also an event made to inspire people around the world — specifically the younger generation. 

Best Mister Global 2021 Looks

It was hard to choose our favorites (so many hunks straight out of fantasies) but here are some of our favorite looks that the guys rocked with attitude to rep their home country. 

1. Vietnam

Decked out in gold with a dragon embellished cape and showing off his impressive torso, Mr. Vietnam’s look as a dragon king was a definite head-turner.

2. Nigeria

Looking like a fiery bird hailing from another planet, Nigeria was a vision in red with his carefully beaded and feather-adorned look which was perfectly dramatic.

3. Ecuador

It’s hard to focus on one thing in this Mr. Ecuador, who is wearing a rich tapestry filled with cultural references and nature. The whole outfit is topped off by a majestic peacock headpiece.

4. Indonesia

Looking like a half man half tiger hybrid, this costume is fierce, masculine, and complete with tiger claws. Don’t worry — no real tigers were hurt in the making of this outfit. 

5. Korea

Korea opted for a more understated and elegant look instead of the drama in this contrasting deep purple and champagne outfit. A display of quiet masculinity that’s just as important to show off. 

6. Bolivia

Mr Bolivia’s headpiece is pretty magnificent, but those V-cut abs and the entire torso area is stealing the show if we’re being totally honest. 

7. Thailand

Who knew that gold sequins could look manly? Mr. Thailand is dressed as a mythical serpent,  serving grace and luxury in this all-gold look complete with sheer mesh detailing.

8. Hong Kong

Bae even accessorized the look with a stylish parasol. This contestant looks like a movie star with his unparalleled confidence and a short-legging combination that is totally flawless thanks to that vest pulling everything together. 

9. Philippines

This detailing this is insane — he looks like a time-travelling warrior with all of his accessories thanks to the effort level put into this well-executed costume.

10. Mexico

The colors on this outfit are absolutely breathtaking — from deep magentas to vibrant blues, the wearer is covered in rich and opulent colors in this indigenous look.

11. Cambodia

Complete with gold detailing in the headpiece, ankles, and arm cuffs, this warrior completes his ancient look with a bow.

12. Sri Lanka

The detailing on this outfit has simply taken our breath away — as did Mr. Sri Lanka’s smouldering eye contact.