Actors Side by Side with their Creepy Roles


While some actors make their career being the good guy that saves the day, some of the great performers of our time have become famous mostly for being the creepy guy. They immortalized themselves on the silver screen in horror movies or thrillers and very successfully giving everyone in the room goosebumps and a few nightmares to boot.

It comes Angela Norris, a Brooklyn-based artist, that decided it was time for these creepy geniuses to be photoshopped next to their actual characters. The main point of her series was to show that you can do a lot with some masks and make-up. Since Angela owns a Halloween prop shop called FxAttics Studios (yes, it has an Instagram page), it’s something that she’s very passionate about.

Naturally, the project was meant as a way for Angela to generate traffic for her business page. She’s always been obsessed with horror movies and the movie that started her obsession was A Nightmare on Elm Street with the always amazing Robert Englund. And if you look at these pictures she made, it’s obvious to see why she’d become obsessed with the pageantry-like qualities of the creepy characters. These actors are nowhere near recognizable (for example, did you know that the actor for the original Pennywise was also Lord of Darkness? — I didn’t!) and it’s all because of some creative make up and props.

Angela feels like horror movies and the feeling of being scared and not knowing what’s coming next is something that compares to love. It’s a feeling she cherishes as much as she can in real life, constantly scaring (and getting scared by) her husband and kids. If nothing else, you really have to respect the passion this woman has for horror movies and make up effects. Maybe she’ll even get to work on a big horror movie someday!