Ace Ventura 3: What We Know So Far


Yes, citizens of planet Earth, rejoice! Ace Ventura will be back after a hiatus of nearly 30 years. We know the movie is coming, but so far little to no details have been released about the meat of the movie. 

Let’s take a look at what we already know about the upcoming Ace Ventura 3 movie.


The new movie will be developed by Amazon. You can probably guess that this will mean the movie will be on Prime and be a mostly digital release. As for whether this means a theatrical release is off the table, we don’t know yet. Maybe this will be the movie that moves streaming services to the silver screen?

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The only thing we really know so far is that the movie is going to be written by the people that wrote the 2020 Sonic movie. So no, not the people that did the initial CGI for the Sonic movie, thank God. The writers are very much looking forward to revisiting the characters everyone is so familiar with.

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It’s not all good news, though. The older movies have recently received some negative press because the first movie had some parts in it that were deemed borderline transphobic. While that’s not a very good way to gain publicity in today’s day and age, I’m sure it hasn’t diminished the character’s popularity all too much.

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Reboot or Sequel?

The one question on everyone’s lips: will Jim Carrey be back? We don’t really know, and there’s evidence pointing in each direction. First of all: the people writing the movie wrote the Sonic movie, which starred Jim Carrey. Maybe they had some talks already and agreed to cooperate on the Ace Ventura film also?

Then on the other hand, it was announced as a reinvention. The other reinvention Amazon is doing – for Dead Ringers – had the entire cast replaced by other actors. Will this Ace Ventura reinvention mean we will no longer see Jim Carrey being the pet detective? A name that keeps showing up as the actor that would replace the great Jim Carrey is none other than the almost equally great Evan Peters.

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Cannibal Corpse

It’s hard to forget the iconic not-in-the-theatrical-release scene where Jim Carrey has to navigate a death metal show by Cannibal Corpse. The band is still active today, so if Jim Carrey would be up for another movie, wouldn’t it be nice to have another Cannibal Corpse cameo in there? I mean, the guys haven’t been able to tour for over a year due to COVID.

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2.7 Million

If the movie studio is looking for an audience to greenlight this new Ace Ventura movie, their announcement surely gave them all the information they needed. When the announcement for the sequel was made, 2.7 million people liked the post. At the very least, that means the studio probably won’t suffer heavy financial losses if they make this movie.

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