7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever


Cartoon shows have evolved quite a bit in the last decades. Where most people used to grow out of cartoons when they reached a certain age, cartoons have managed to reinvent themselves and more actively catered to mature audiences. Today, you can probably find a decent cartoon for pretty much every age group and you’re no longer scorned for watching a cartoon when you’re a grown man. At least that’s how it should be.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cartoons you can watch. Because you should.

The Simpsons

You don’t get to be around for 30 years without being a good cartoon show. The Simpsons is that great perfect mix between jokes for adults and jokes for kids, that actually allows entire generations to keep following this show without skipping a beat.

The Simpsons | 7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever | Zestradar

South Park

While their style of comedy certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s hard to find a topic that South Park hasn’t tackled in their own unique way. It’s harsh, often rough around the edges, but rarely without some truth towards it. 

South Park | 7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever | Zestradar

Family Guy

The show mostly famous for looking like a Simpsons rip-off at first and making very liberal use of cutaways to explain inside jokes as they’re happening. Creator Seth McFarlane has made a bunch of other cartoon shows over the years but none come close to the genius that is Family Guy.

Family Guy | 7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever | Zestradar

Rick & Morty

Probably the most absurd of all the shows here, this hilarious show tells the tale of the smartest man in the multiverse who also happens to suffer from alcoholism and takes his grandson on amazing adventures. He uses his grandson specifically because his dumbness creates a cloaking device for his genius. 

Rick & Morty | 7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever | Zestradar


When Matt Groening became bored of doing just The Simpsons, there was Futurama. It was probably the first cartoon comedy show that actively aimed at a more mature audience and dealt with more mature themes since the main protagonist was an adolescent trying to – literally – find his way in the world after waking up 1000 years later. It’s a clever show.

Futurama | 7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever | Zestradar

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is a really weird show. It’s about a horse that used to be a famous actor but is now basically a talking, alcoholic horse. And while this is a comedy show, don’t let that fool you – it can get pretty dark sometimes. Definitely not for the people looking for light-hearted entertainment.

BoJack Horseman | 7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever | Zestradar


Take James Bond, make all of his characteristics more extreme and you’ll have Archer. He’s the best spy in the world, amazing with women, not the sharpest tool in the shed and a rambling alcoholic that mostly gets things done by sheer amounts of luck. While the latter seasons of the show haven’t quite lived up to the standard, the first 4-5 seasons are probably some of the best out there.

Archer | 7 Funniest Cartoon Shows Ever | Zestradar