6 Best Doctors on TV


There are many character roles uplifted in television, like superheroes, heartthrobs and romantic leads. But one role that is equally as important is that of the doctor. While these other roles get much of the glory these days, doctors are a historical focal point for television. Prior to the rise of comic book based series and streaming services with an influx of various shows, cable television focused on just a few professions for sitcoms and drama series. One of those primary roles was the doctor or medical professional. Television has given us some classic doctor characters and simultaneously skyrocketed the careers of several actors. These talented actors who play the role of doctor have become household names that make us feel like we are living the real life, fast paced life of a medical professional. Dramas that take place in the setting of a hospital provide great entertainment, while teaching us more about health risks and conditions we may have never known about otherwise. We can also learn compassion for the stories illustrated by the hypothetical patients they treat, which may make us more compassionate in real life. We also get a somewhat behind the scenes view of the difficult and back breaking work of being a doctor or nurse, which could also help us be a little more kind to our real life medical professionals. These TV doctors have helped us all in more ways that we have probably realized. To reflect back on some of the best, check out these 6 best doctors on TV.

Miranda Bailey, M.D. — Grey’s Anatomy

Miranda Bailey is one of the most beloved doctors on the popular drama series Grey’s Anatomy. This show has been running for 13 seasons, and has been nominated for an astounding 30 Emmy Awards. During her time on the show, Miranda Bailey has shown us what a tough but wise doctor looks like, and how to guide her subordinates. The interns she is over at Seattle Grace Hospital all grow tremendously from her mentorship. Chandra Wilson, the actor behind Miranda Bailey, has been nominated for four Emmys and won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

Gregory House — House

Gregory House is a character that had an affinity for deciphering the strangest conditions and disorders. If there was a weird ailment that stumped every other doctor, Gregory House would be able to crack the mystery. Many people either absolutely loved or hated his character, as he was a bit unorthodox and had a strange way with social interaction. Regardless, his character is one of the most iconic doctor roles on television.

Mark Greene — ER

Another legendary doctor role is that of Mark Greene, as the main character of the legendary drama ER. He is a doctor that shows compassion and softness to his patients and staff. He had his own personal issues, but we see him always showing up for his patients, showing a vulnerable nature that shatters the stereotype of the cold, distant doctor. He has become one of the most notable and remembered doctors to ever be on television.

Meredith Grey — Grey’s Anatomy

With so many amazing characters from Grey’s Anatomy, another character from this show that makes the list is Meredith Grey. One of the lead characters of the show, Meredith Grey gives the show its name sake. The show begins through her experience; so the audience gets to know her intimately on a level that they don’t with other characters on the show. We get to see her transcend from an intern to one of the most esteemed doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital, which will later become Grey Sloane Hospital.

J.D. — Scrubs

This show is great to add to the list because it is one of the few medical series that intertwine drama and comedy. And J.D. is at the helm of this show as its main character. He provides entertainment and great storytelling through his character, as the audience witnesses the ups and downs of his career.

Michaela Quinn — Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

No TV doctors list is complete without Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Michaela Quinn is the lead character of this show and totally captivates her audience. We not only see just how talented she is as a medical professional in the 1860s; but we also see just how much discrimination and sexism a female doctor of this time had to put up with. Michaela Quinn is an icon for all ages, and the show’s message of female empowerment will continue to be relevant and cherished.