10 Creepy, Wild, And Unnerving Movie Facts You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know


As time passes, many great and iconic movies reveal interesting details about the shenanigans that were happening behind the scenes. Some situations are pretty wild, while others might make you regret even clicking on this article.

1. Usually, they use fake phone numbers in Hollywood movies, but in Bruce Almighty, this rule was broken, and a seemingly random number was leaked to millions of people. The number’s owner filed a lawsuit because she was harassed by the fans who wouldn’t stop calling and asking either for God or Morgan Freeman.

2. Two of the actors who played Judas in a theatrical production of the classic biblical story accidentally strangled themselves, trying to depict the suicide scene. That’s pretty ironic.

3. The screeches the raptors make in Jurassic Park were compiled of the sounds of turtles getting it on. Obviously, the sounds were heavily distorted, but it’s still messed up.

4. In the animated movie Land Before Time, there’s a lovely character named Ducky, who was voiced by a 10-year-old girl Judith Eva Barsi. Not long after the animated movie was released, the child actress and her mother were brutally killed by her father, who then offed himself.

5. While shooting the Exorcist, there was a mysterious incident. The set with the house just went up in flames when no one was watching and burned to crisp. At least that’s how the set looked like at first. It turned out that Regan’s room somehow survived, as if by magic. The next morning a priest was brought in to bless the remnants of the set and, of course, the wicked room.

6. If you didn’t already know, the demon voice did not come from the child actress’s mouth. Instead, the director hired Mercedes McCambridge, who would growl and hiss and say all those things. But to be able to produce that ungodly voice Mercedes ate raw eggs, smoked tons of cigarettes, and chugged whiskey daily. The interesting thing is that before this role, she never smoked or drank. That poor soul wasn’t even credited at first, can you imagine?

7. Twilight Zone is one of those shows where anything could happen on the set, and nobody would be the least bit surprised. But this one time, it wasn’t just a creepy coincidence. In a scene where the helicopter was supposed to execute some kind of a stunt, but the pilot lost control and cracked the bird right where Vic Morrow and two kids were standing. The helicopter blades decapitated two of the victims and crushed the remaining child to death.

8. While filming one of the most polarizing movies of the last century, The Passion of the Christ, the lead actor who played Jesus and an assistant director were quite literally struck by lighting. Neither of them got hurt, but that thunderbolt scared the living crap out of them.

9. In the first Candyman movie, there’s a scene where Tony Todd had to hold dozens of real bees in his mouth. The prosthetic did not look very convincing, so he had to bite the bullet and hope none of the insects would sting him. Thankfully, it only took a few takes and a special throat guard, preventing the bees from going inside Tony’s larynx. He also added a clause to his contract that he’d be paid $1,000 extra for every time he gets stung!

10. And lastly, we have the legendary Brandon Lee, who met his tragic demise from a prop gun that was supposed to be full of blanks but for some reason had real ammo. Nobody knows how that even happened, but back then, the world lost an amazing actor over some random incident.