Why The Russian Empire Will Inevitably Collapse


As the world is growing ever more crazy with the conflict in Ukraine, all signs seem to point towards only one possible end: the fall of the Russian Empire and collapse of Putin’s regime and power base. While we’re nowhere near that point yet, sadly, there are some clear things happening that lead us to believe this.

Increasing Support for Ukraine

No matter how much Russia might hate it, the support for Ukraine is only growing larger and larger. Even countries that are known for their neutral-at-best status like China are now openly saying that sovereign countries need to have their borders respected. Meanwhile, more and more heavy weaponry is arriving in Ukraine to help push back the invaders.

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Referendum Obviously a Sham

The referendum thing was just too idiotic to be true and the entire world can see it. If you’re going to create fake elections, at least make them believable. Who in their right mind believes that resistance has been going on for over half a year and then all of a sudden near 90% of all Ukrainians would want to join Russia? That’s just dumb, and a desperate move from Russia so they’d have a cheap excuse to escalate.

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Oligarchs Keep Falling

Russian gravity has been doing weird things to rich people the last few months. There’s been over a dozen oligarchs dying of weird accidents, suicides or unexplained deaths since the start of the “special operation” and we haven’t gone 14 days without a new one dying. I doubt a lot of the oligarchs are going to want to keep Putin in power if they have to constantly fear for their lives.

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Increasing Unrest in Russia

The partial mobilisation has sparked the fires of revolt again, and it’s only a matter of time before even Putin’s incredibly repressive tactics won’t be sufficient to keep his own population in check. Once the riots in Russia start, Putin will effectively have two fronts to fight on, and we all know how well that usually ends up.

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Taking a Page Out of Hitler’s Book

Probably the biggest sign that this is all going the wrong way for Putin, is to just read a history book. There are a lot of things he’s been doing recently that were things Hitler did as Berlin was close to falling. For example, Putin is now actively giving orders to his military and getting involved in the strategic aspect of the so-called “special operation”. That’s usually a pretty good sign that there’s a huge disconnect between military leadership and the big honcho.

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Economic Collapse

While Russia was able to circumvent the economic sanctions taken against them for quite a long time, we’re now seeing a lot of signs that their reserves are all but spent and their economy is close to imploding. This will set back Russia for decades and immediately remove them from the list of world powers.

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