Was There An Intelligent Civilization Before Mankind?


There’s been a lot of theories popping up over the last few years that mankind might not be the only intelligent species to walk the face of the Earth in its long history. It’s hard to prove it without actually going back in time and it does seem very unlikely, but we need to keep our mind open to the possibility if we ever want to find the proof. The most commonly known theory in this regard is the Ancient Alien theory, that says that humanity was in a big part created and manipulated by aliens that shared their technology with us.

Considering that so very little remains of earlier periods on Earth and science has figured out by now that over thousands and millions of years even the most noticeable construction would turn to rubble, this is a field with much untapped potential. While most of it is obviously no more than speculation and taking educated guesses, it does open up a lot of implications for us as a species and how we came to be the – seemingly – only race of fully sentient beings on Earth and maybe even in the universe.

Another idea that often pops up is the idea of a dinosaur civilization. Just imagine that the dinosaurs would’ve developed tools and used them. How would we know? A meteor wiped out pretty much all life on Earth 65 million years ago, so basic tools would probably not have survived that long. And since dinosaurs are the genetic ancestor to most of the animals living today, most of which have shown behaviour that allows them to use at least some basic tools in order to gather food or water, it’s not a big leap to make.

There’s still a lot of things in our history that can’t be fully explained with the knowledge we have right now. We’ve accepted that the Great Pyramid exists and was built on this planet, but we have no idea how it was actually built with the tools at our disposal at that time. Stonehenge is another one of those big question marks. If we want to get actual answers to these questions, we need to keep an open mind and realize that our position on this planet may not be as unique as we’ve always assumed.

It’s hard to imagine any of these wild scenarios, but it’s equally hard to conclude that humanity just naturally evolved over millions of years and somehow set itself apart from all the other animals on the planet so uniquely. We should at least consider that either we aren’t the only ones to have created a civilization on this planet, or we got some outside help to jumpstart our evolution.