Ukrainians Who Couldn’t Flee Or Decided To Stay Share 10 Moments From Home or Shelter Life


Although the war on Ukraine has been going on for over a week now, just on the first day it wreaked an overwhelming amount of damage to millions of lives in the area. While some individuals have fled to neighboring countries, there are many people who didn’t get the chance to seek refugee status before the war or made the courageous decision to stay. 

Those who did remain in Ukraine have been sharing moments from what life in the war-torn country looks like today. In just moments, their lives drastically changed, taking them from their ordinary routine to dealing with troop invasions and bombs in their beloved country.

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1. Baby born in subway station used as a bomb shelter in Kyiv

Just days ago, a 23-year-old woman gave birth to her baby in a train station which is currently being used as a bomb shelter while Russian air raids attack. Police helped in her delivery. Another pregnant woman nearby the Gostomei Airfield also gave birth to a baby. We can’t imagine the stress of being born under such circumstances, for both the infant and the mother. 

2. Trumpeter plays the anthem of Ukraine during bombing

Here, a trumpeter patriotically plays the anthem of Ukraine while a bombing is happening. It’s a heartbreaking moment, but also a beautiful one. In times when there are no words, music can truly bring people together. After the trumpeter starts playing from his balcony, you can hear the haunting combination of this melancholy performance with the sound of explosions in the background. 

3. Newborns being taken care of in basement used as a bomb shelter in The Okhmadet Children’s Hospital In Kyiv, Ukraine

No newborn child should have to enter the world like this. Taken on February 28, 2022, these images show the horrifying struggles that both infants and their mothers are going through right now. It’s important to note that these individuals are seeking refuge in the basement because Russian invaders bombed a hospital, even knowing that it was full of civilians. 

4. Brewery in Ukraine suspends operation to make Molotov cocktails for residents

Many residents of Ukraine are turning to Molotov cocktails as a form of self-defense. A beer brewery has decided to help out by suspending operations and making Molotov cocktails for people to use against the invading forces from Russia. The labels on the bottle also feature some not-so-kind words about Putin written on them. There’s even a sad rumor that kids are preparing Molotov cocktails.

5. Family carries dog into basement bomb shelter

Here, a family carries their beloved dog into a bomb shelter. Animals are family members, and you simply don’t leave family behind. During such stressful times, animals can be our only source of relieving that tension and mental distress.

6. Woman sleeping fully dressed in case of alarm

In times of war, you can never tell what’s going to happen. You always have to be ready to get up and go — in 2022, Ukrainians don’t have the luxury of sleeping in comfortable pajamas. This woman shares a picture of herself fully dressed in bed as she explains, “you sleep dressed because the alarm can sound suddenly.”

7. Ukrainians forced to sleep in car park

If you weren’t lucky enough to have a basement, many citizens headed to car parks, which have been transformed into bomb shelters. While it’s a safe place underground, imagine being forced to sleep with blankets and no mattress, on the cold floor of a parking garage. Many of these individuals here probably haven’t slept in days. 

8. A man remains hopeful in his bunker with a smile

While there are many saddening images that have circulated the web this week, we want to take a moment to honor this man, who is staying strong and sharing a smile with the world. Although he’s in small, cramped quarters and sleeping on a thin shawl with just a jacket to keep him warm in the winter, his attitude is still remaining positive and hopeful.

9. Someone shares an image of an “emergency backpack” full of essentials

Many Ukrainians have left their whole lives behind and are forced to live out of backpacks. They need to bring their most valuable items, including important documents, money, and a first aid kit. These survival kits are pre-packed with essentials in case citizens need to quickly relocate.

10. Woman sweeps glass from her window while singing Ukrainian anthem

This emotional Kyiv resident is forced to clean shattered glass from her windowsill. Many Ukrainians are taping their windows shut to avoid sharp splinters from scattering everywhere around their home. She has a tearful expression on her face as she is filmed singing the national anthem and sweeping up the glass.