Ukrainians All Over the World Unite To Support The No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine


The current events in Ukraine have left most of the world speechless. From the very first day of the Russian invasion, the so-called “peacekeepers” have been absolutely ruthless in their tactics to “free” the citizens of Ukraine from the oppressive regime of the so-called neo-nazis, shelling residential buildings, children’s hospitals, schools; destroying bridges and rail tracks.

The brave Ukrainian army has been standing strong for ten long days, defending cities and, in some cases, even pushing the enemy troops back. But air raids and missile attacks are doing the most damage. This is where the no-fly zone comes in. If we can make our governments secure the skies over Ukraine, this war will be over in an instant.

We need to rally as many Ukrainian people as possible, and anyone who’s willing to support them, to draw attention to the urgent need to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. According to Reuters, 74% of US citizens, both Republicans and Democrats, fully support their country and NATO to close the sky. This is the only way to save the lives of Ukrainian civilians who are dying from rockets launched from Russian planes.


The longer we wait, the more civilian lives will be lost. So grab your Ukrainian flags and come down to the central squares of your cities to let the government officials and senators know you stand with Ukraine! Think about it — this war can be over tomorrow.

Glory to Ukraine!