Top 10 Ghost Sightings That Will Give You Goosebumps


Most people have experienced an eerie night where they hear a creepy noise or see something out of the corner of their eyes. It can make you wonder if you actually saw or heard something, or if your imagination is just getting the best of you. But other people have experienced strange events that are undeniably paranormal in nature. These sightings are some of the most chilling encounters ever documented, and prove that the line between the living world and spiritual world can become easily blurred. Read on to learn about these top 10 ghost sightings that will give you goosebumps. 

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is known as one of the most haunted places in all of the United Kingdom. The grounds are said to be haunted by Anne Boleyn and several “princes of the Tower.” These men were said to have their lives ended prematurely, and rumor has it that King Richard III was behind their murders. 

Eilean Mor Lighthouse Keepers

Isle of Scalpay Lighthouse is another creepy place to visit. Back in 1900, William McArthur, Joseph Moore, and Captain James Harvey were all keepers of the lighthouse, but all disappeared out of nowhere. Whispers, footsteps and freezing cold have all been experienced by visitors. 

Popobawa of Tanzania

The legend of Popobowa is that this spirit commits sexual assaults, especially with men, and has made the local population fearful of its presence. Residents have resorted to sleeping in groups and anointing themselves with pig oil to keep the evil spirit away. 

Poenari Fortress

This terrifying legend is located in Europe and is that of Count Dracula. Known for this haunting tale, Transylvania is the home of Count Dracula’s castle, and is said to be a very eerie site haunted by many spirits. 

Salem Cemetery 

In Hendrysberg, Ohio, the Salem Cemetery is revered as a very haunted site. It is said to be haunted by many passed souls, but in particular by Louiza Fox, a 13-year-old maid who was murdered by Thomas Carr. All sorts of activity are experienced by visitors, from temperature drops and feelings of being watched, to captured images of ghosts on camera. 

Old Burying Point or the Charter Street Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Salem, and the second oldest known cemetery in the country, started in 1637.

Lui Family Mansion

This site, also known as the Minxiong Ghost Mansion, was built in 1929 and is said to be one of the most haunted places in Taiwan. Visitors hear whispers and feel the touch of hands they cannot see. 

The Greenbrier Ghost

This ghost haunts Greenbrier County of West Virginia, in the former home of Elva Zona Heaster Shue. She is said to haunt her home, and is the subject of books, plays and musicals focusing on West Virginia’s history. 

La Pisadeira 

This legend hails from Brazil, proclaiming that a spirit named La Pisadeira will haunt anyone who eats a hearty meal just before bedtime. She sits on her victims’ chests and leaves them paralyzed and unable to wake up from her terror. Many in Brazil are terrified at the possibility of a visit from this spirit. 


Toni Jo Henry 

Toni Jo Henry is a spirit that many have said haunts the Calcasieu Courthouse in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she died. They have seen her in a white dress and heard footsteps specifically on the third floor. 

El Silbon

El Silbon, also known as the Whistler, is known to haunt residents in Colombia and Venezuela. He is said to be a young boy who killed his father, after witnessing him kill his mother. He carries the bones of his mother in a bag, and searches for new victims while he whistles a tragic tune.