This Woman Spent Millions to Look Like Barbie and She’s Now Found Her Ken


With the Barbie movie currently in theaters, it’s like the doll is more popular than ever. Barbie has been a staple in the toy industry for decades, but she’s also inspired a lot of people to get plastic surgery done to look more like her and fit to her – unrealistic – beauty standards. One of the women that has gotten a lot of plastic surgery done for this purpose is USA-born Nikki Exotika. 

Nikki has already spent over a million dollars to pay for her transformation, even undergoing voice therapy to sound more like the doll. In what she calls her “plastic perfection”, Nikki has started to look less and less like a real person and more and more like a doll with medium-to-large mental issues. For Nikki the journey towards Barbiehood started when she found out that she was born in the wrong body and had to transition. It clearly wasn’t just a gender thing though, since she’s gotten pretty much every part of her body hand-sculpted to look like the doll in the meantime.

On Nikki’s Instagram she can often be seen posing with another plastic surgery star named Justin Jedlica. He went through over 100 procedures just so he could look like Ken. Yes, that Ken. So now that these two have found each other, we can only hope they’ll finally find some sort of peace of mind and stop trying to look more and more like plastic dolls. I’m all for letting people be their best selves, but this is frankly disturbing and probably very unhealthy. Nikki has also recently started a singing career because why not I guess.

Many people on social media don’t seem to share Nikki’s passion for looking like molded plastic, with a lot of people just being concerned with what these two are doing to their bodies. If anything, I’d probably argue that these kinds of people are a good excuse to let non-medical cosmetic procedures go hand in hand with a psychiatric check-up. These people need help, and not the kind of help they think they’re getting from their plastic surgeon. 

Anyway, if there’s anything Barbie should have taught her, it’s that you can be anything that you want to be. I guess in Nikki’s case, that anything was Barbie herself. She claims to have known she was different than anyone else from the age of 2, which begs the question how many people she was surrounded with at the age of 2 in the first place and how much she actively remembers from this period in her life. It’s sad that we’ve become a world where deeply disturbed people aren’t getting the help they need and we use them as a form of entertainment.