These Trees Look Like Something Completely Different


Nature has a funny way of showing up in literally all shapes, forms and sizes. In that vast range of infinite possibility, it’s just a matter of time before a tree pops up that looks like something else entirely. Sometimes, they’re even so good that you won’t even believe that Nature did this and think some tree sculptor spent a large amount of time trying to create ten minutes of internet fame. 

Trees That Look Straight Out of Lord of The Rings

With The Rings of Power bumping Tolkien’s work back to maximum popularity, apparently even Mother Nature has found it upon herself to have a small homage to one of the best fantasy series ever written. Take a look at this old man tree – looks a lot like Gandalf, doesn’t it?

And if you say “Lord of the Rings” and “trees” in one sentence, it’s only a matter of time before someone insults an Ent. We hope that this fellow is a regular tree nonetheless, since the thought of moving trees actually scares the bajeezus out of me.

Maybe Game of Thrones Then?

That other popular show, House of the Dragon, is also getting some shout-outs from mother nature. Take a look at these two trees that look like dragons.

Maybe the Targaryens were secretly forest keepers.

Mythical Creatures More Your Thing?

People have been trying to get a good picture of Bigfoot for centuries, turns out he was just a tree creature with, well, big feet.

Even none other than the King of Monsters, Godzilla, has found his way into our flora system and is somehow attempting to eat the moon. Not going to lie, that’s probably a more interesting storyline than the ones the actual Godzilla movies got.

Naughty Trees

Sometimes, trees just need to go all the way when it comes to attracting other trees. You see kids, when a mommy tree and a daddy tree love each other very, very much, they sometimes come together and create baby trees. I’m sure that’s about 32% of how it works.

Flora Turns Into Fauna

Trees are also masterfully good at emulating a wide variety of animals you can find on our lovely planet. Take this dinosaur tree for example.

Or this tree that looks an awful lot like a shady owl.

If you’re lucky, you might even run into a tree doing his best moose impression. The animal, not Kevin Hart in Jumanji.

In very rare cases a tree might even get so deformed that its base starts looking like an alligator’s head. Add some moss and a few drinks on a dark night to that image and that’s sure to scare some people senseless.