These Animals Are The Largest of Their Kind


The animal kingdom remains one of the most fascinating things on this planet. And while humanity has consistently put itself on top of the food chain, there’s a couple of animals out there that could star in their very own horror movie—and honestly, most have. Let’s take a look at some animals that are the largest of their kind, to the extent that they may actually keep you awake at night if you’d run into them.

Giant Oarfish

While these big boys are very rare to spot, you can imagine they cause quite a fuss when they wash up to shore. Most beachgoers don’t know what they’re looking at, as this beast looks like it came straight out of an Anaconda movie.

Nomura’s Jellyfish

If you get caught in this one’s tentacles underwater, that essentially means the rest of your day is going to be spent slowly drowning. These big boys can weigh up to 200 kg, so I imagine it’s like a really fat person hugging you underwater.

Flying Fox

Thankfully, this big boy is only found in New Guinea, because you do not want to see this flying towards you in the dark. It may look cute from a distance, but a bat this size should always be avoided unless it turns out to be a rich billionaire with a traumatic childhood.

Mekong Catfish

Thanks to China’s heavily polluted waterways, which aren’t a thing according to Xi, these big boys can grow up to a whopping 3 meters. They’re essentially mutants, only not the type that go to school with Patrick Stewart and save the world on a weekly basis.

Japanese Spider Crab

These big boys can weigh up to 18 kg, which is about the weight of a medium-sized dog. The sheer damage they can do with their front claws is nothing to scoff at, and let’s not forget the traumatic experience of running into a crab that seems to have about 1 meter-long long legs. Eight of them.


Japanese Spider Crab is the biggest crab on the planet! 🦀 #crab #japanesespidercrab #facts #animals

♬ original sound – Nature Archive

Goliath Frog

There’s always that time of year when frogs are migrating to a body of water to lay their eggs, and people get asked to be careful when driving their cars across roads. Well, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure everyone would see a Goliath frog crossing the road with very little issue. 


Katak Goliath adalah spesies katak terbesar yang tersisa di Bumi. Katak ini dapat tumbuh hingga 13 inci panjang dari moncong hingga ekor, dan bobot hingga 3 kg. Katak ini memiliki kisaran habitat yang relatif kecil, terutama di Afrika Barat. Katak Goliath dapat hidup sampai 15 tahun.  #katak #katakbesar #fyp

♬ suara asli – Menarik Cuy – Menarik Cuy

Huntsman Spider

You knew this was coming when you clicked on this article, so you’re to blame for the trauma you’ve just called upon yourself. This particular version can be found in Laos (read: don’t visit Laos) and is even bigger than its more famous Australian counterpart (read: don’t visit Australia). And since the spider in itself isn’t freaky enough, it likes to hang out in dark caves and eat birds. It’s also been spotted underneath your pillow.


Huntsman Spiders can run fast, can run in every direction and are excellent hunters. Harmless to humans, they look scary but are gentle breasts. #Australia

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