The Safest Countries to be When World War 3 Breaks Out


Whether we like to admit it or not, the world has never seemed closer to a new World War than it is today. We have the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the conflict in the Middle-East and ever increasing tensions between the United States and China. It may feel like the world is close to ending and nowhere is truly safe, but fortunately there are some safe havens left on this planet where you could run when some megalomaniac decides to drop the first bomb. Let’s take a look at some.


Switzerland may not have the best location safety-wise, but they do value their neutrality and they have a lot of money. Not to mention the Swiss are cynics at heart who have a lot of nuclear bunkers, despite having mountains that would physically protect them from nuclear fallout. 


If you don’t mind the cold, Greenland could be a solid spot to wait out the war. It’s a huge plot of land with more than enough room for everyone trying to flee Europe, with a lot of mountains to protect you from whatever you’d need protection from. Despite being a part of Denmark, Greenland has also taken huge steps to maintain their apolitical status in the world. Did I mention it was cold already?


The sheer geography of Chile is a huge advantage in the scenario of a nuclear war. Not only do you have the Andes protecting you from the west, there’s also a huge supply of fresh air coming from the Antarctic and the fact that it’s in the southern hemisphere – which is less polluted to begin with.


The only real downside to this country is that it’s hugely expensive, which is probably the main reason why people don’t constantly go there outside of a wartime situation. It has amazing nature, is pretty developed, has no borders with any country at all and was ranked number one on the Global Peace Index. 


First of all, it’s a small island in the Pacific that no one has ever heard of. It has no real political alignment and it’s entirely self-sufficient. It has no leftover resources worth plundering and too few people to be worth conquering, so it’s perfectly insignificant in every way you’d want your country to be in a world war scenario. Apart from the fact that it’s slowly sinking due to global warming, I suppose.


While it may be right next to the United Kingdom, that also means realistically the Irish would only be forced into conflict if it ever reaches those shores. The Irish can only go to war if they have approval from the government and the United Nations, which means everyone knows they won’t get involved so they’ll probably not be giving them any reasons to. Only downside is you’re stuck drinking Guinness for as long as the war lasts.

New Zealand

New Zealand is just always a great place to be, but given their very stable political situation and the fact that they have enough land and resources to tend to their own needs, they’re a decent spot to be in. They also have a lot of mountainous terrain which would make invading them very difficult, not to mention they’re literally placed in a corner of the world very few people pay attention to.