The Most Right-Swiped Jobs on Tinder for Men and Women


Tinder seems to be the thing people are trying to somehow game because it might get them more dates. No matter what your strategy on the platform seems to be, there’s always a bit of room for improvement and one of the things people often overlook is your actual job. It’s not something you can change easily, obviously, but there has been some research done into the jobs that are getting swiped right the most, and there’s definitely some interesting results in there.

In case you were thinking of getting a new job in the near future and you want to find one that also happens to up your Tinder game at the same time, here’s the most right-swiped jobs for both genders.

Women: Physical Therapist

So basically, men like to have their own personal masseuse. Bring on the surprised Pikachu jpeg.

Men: Firefighter

Yes, the men in uniforms thing is very much going to be a theme here. Firefighters are also bona fide manly men so I guess that also helps if you’re trying to impress someone over the internet. Saving lives on a daily basis is hard to beat.

Women: Entrepreneur

Women that show ambition and try to run their own business are apparently a very popular group on Tinder. And the best news of all is that this is probably the easiest thing on the entire list to do: just start a business and try to build a future for yourself!

Men: Doctor

Again: saving lives on a daily basis is hard to beat. You’d think the money helps, but it turns out firefighters are actually more popular than doctors. That just saved you a whole lot of student loans, didn’t it?

Women: College Student

That’s right, one of the more successful jobs on Tinder is not having a job at all. How’s that for all your hopes, dreams and aspirations? 

A portrait of an Asian college student on campus

Men: Pilot

That’s right lads, if you want to woo the women all you have to do is just become a pilot. Easy, right? I guess the job does have a lot of appeal and you get to wear a uniform, so the Tinder success might not even be the biggest reason to become a pilot.

Women: Teacher

Teachers are often overlooked when it comes to determining how important someone is for society, but thankfully Tinder is slowly but surely appreciating female teachers the way they should be. Well, by taking them out on dates. It’s Tinder, that’s the only change you’re going to achieve.

Men: TV/Radio Personality

Just get famous if you want to be successful with women on Tinder. Fame definitely seems to have a strong pull on women that are looking for dates, although this is just the ones that get swiped right the most, it doesn’t actually say anything about how durable the relationship will be, if at all.

Women: Interior Designer

I have no idea what it is that makes interior designers so wanted on Tinder. Perhaps men are just secretly looking for someone to redecorate their apartment. Anyway, turns out that female interior designers are doing very good on Tinder, so that might be a good career option.