The Most Common Ways That Cheaters Communicate With Their Lovers


If you find your relationship in a bit of a rut and you want to know if your lover may or may not be cheating on you, there’s a bunch of telltale signs that can give you some good insight into what they’re thinking. But before you go all James Bond on your partner, there’s really no need to start spying on every aspect of their lives to find out if they’re being faithful. Even the way they communicate with other people can nudge you in the right direction, when you know where to look. Here’s a few things that may catch your attention.

Second Phone

Have you noticed your partner having a second phone? Maybe one they’re not using as often or not using at all when you’re around? You can pretty much get a phone for no money at all so the easiest and cheapest way to hide the fact that you’re communicating with a lover is just having an entirely hidden alternate tool for communication.


Is your partner suddenly a lot more excited to get to work and getting along a lot better with their colleagues? Or do they just want to be away from you for 8 hours so they can stay in contact with their lover without running the risk of getting caught? Whatever it is, the workplace is the perfect place to spend a full day withouth the prying eyes of your partner.

Dating Apps

Well, the fact that your lover still has a dating app on their phone might be a huge red flag in itself. If they’re trying to communicate with someone though, you’re probably better off going through their dating apps instead of going straight for the text messages. Remember, all dating apps have a pretty decent chat functionality these days and they don’t even require that you have the other person’s number.

Mutual Friend

Is your partner somehow meeting up more with friends that they really didn’t use to see all that often? That might mean they’re not just there for the friendship. Maybe they met a mutual friend and decided to become lovers. There’s no easier way to meet up with a lover than forcing your partner to either let you or deny you from meeting up with your friends. And who would ever do that?

Social Media

Keep an eye on their social media pages. Even just in the comments some weird things may start to catch your eye. It may seem like nothing at first but it’s so very easy to catch someone’s attention with a simple reply to a picture and effortlessly slide into their direct messages that if anything starts that you don’t want to happen, it’s probably going to start on social media.