The 7 Worst Places To Meet Men If You Want Something Serious


Meeting new people can be a challenge, especially if you are hoping to meet them in person. With online dating being the new norm, most people meet potential partners on apps. But if you are looking to meet someone face to face, you are not alone. There is something charming and electric about a real live meet-cute. It may be less frequent, but randomly meeting a man somewhere in public or during your day to day life can be very exciting and romantic. While you can literally meet someone new anywhere, there are a few places that may not be the first options you should go for. Meeting in these places may give you a less than desirable demographic to choose from. To learn more about locations you don’t want to meet a guy, check out these 7 worst places to meet men if you want something serious. 

A Club

There are some chances you may meet a decent guy out at a bar or nightclub, but this would not be a good first choice. There is lots of alcohol and lust usually involved in meeting a guy at a bar, which is usually not a good combination for meeting someone to get serious with. This is more so usually going to end in a haze of not so good decisions that could lead you to some regret or disappointment after it is all said and done. 

Someone Else’s Wedding

Weddings may seem romantic overall – but for single people, weddings are not the best place to find romance for themselves. Weddings are notoriously known for being great places for hooking up, not necessarily finding “the one.” So most bachelors at weddings are not looking for Mrs. Right, but are searching for Mrs. Right Now.

Dating Apps

The first thing to mention is that not all dating apps are created equally. There are some apps that are actually decent and can help you find a good match. But other apps are designed to be more about promoting shallow views of people and hooking up, than finding someone you have good, long term compatibility with. 

Your Job

A whirlwind love affair at the office may sound spicy and romantic. In real life, it can get sour real quick if the romance falls off. Would you want to have to see your ex every single day you clock into work? This can make for a very uneasy and tense work setting, and nobody wants that. 

A Funeral 

Funerals are usually occasions when everyone is not their best selves. Mourning and grieving put people in emotionally unstable and blurry spaces. Meeting someone while either of you are in this state is likely not a good idea. You may end up feeling like you have chemistry, but could merely be looking for temporary comfort in a moment of need or weakness. 

A Boy’s Night Out

When guys get together for a night out on the town, they may not necessarily be looking for a serious match. A group of guys all hanging out will more than likely mean they are just looking to have some fun and blow off some steam. Approaching a guy during this kind of vibe may not be the best idea if you are looking to start something serious and long term. 

In Front of a Judge

Looking for love at the courthouse being a bad idea should go without saying. There are not a lot of good situations that are resolved at the courthouse, and meeting someone while they are dealing with legal troubles is not a good way to start off a healthy and happy relationship.