The 6 Most Expensive Brands in the World


When it comes to today’s modern society, the only thing we seem to care about is profit. We judge even countries solely on the amount of money and economic activity they generate, without considering factors such as GDP or unemployment rates. It’s pretty much the same for businesses, where your rate of success is measured by how much your company is worth. And while they often got there through hard work and being innovative in their market, at a certain point, the name in itself was enough to keep going. Here are some of the company brands that are worth the most.


Microsoft, one of the pioneers in the home computer software market, has a current brand valuation of $340, 4 billion. They’ve mostly been focusing their efforts on more professional software solutions for companies, like Azure and their AI developments. It was a good move on their part because there wasn’t much more they could win in the home computer market.

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What started as a Chinese alternative to things like Instagram has almost overnight grown to a platform worth $84.2 billion. We do expect this value to decrease as more and more European countries consider a social media ban on younger children, which would be TikTok’s main audience. Governments are also very weary of any app that is made in China, as they usually don’t have the best cybersecurity.

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you can release a new phone for over $1000 every year and people will keep buying it, your company is bound to be worth a lot. Apple’s current valuation of $516.6 billion places them firmly ahead of their competitors. It’s going to take a lot for competitors to catch up with them.

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Focusing more and more on AI now since everyone in the world already agrees that their search engine is the best on the market, the brand value for Google is currently at $333,4 billion. This places Google on par with Microsoft and Apple as one of the three major players in the digital age. It also serves as an example of how challenging it is to grow into a large corporation without engaging in any online activities.

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Despite being a bigger player on the market and being around longer than TikTok, Facebook’s brand is worth slightly less, with a value of $75.7 billion. It won’t turn Mark Zuckerberg into a poor person, but it definitely illustrates just how fast and how high TikTok has flown.

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The estimated value of Amazon’s brand is $308.9 billion, a significant amount for an online store notorious for its unethical treatment of employees. That said, they’ve pretty much absorbed all the other competition in the market, making it easy for them to do as they please and keep increasing their brand value.

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