She Wanted to Look Like Barbie, But People See Zombie Instead


Meet Dalia Naeem, the Baghdad native who has captured hearts and headlines with her ambitious quest to transform herself into a real-life Barbie. With her striking resemblance to the iconic doll, she’s earned the affectionate title of “Iraqi Barbie.” However, this pursuit of her dreams hasn’t been without its challenges. Dalia has undergone a whopping 43 cosmetic procedures to achieve her desired look, but not everyone is cheering her on. Critics argue that she looks more like a “zombie” than a Barbie. But hey, as they say, haters gonna hate, and Dalia is far from letting their comments dampen her spirits.

With her background in presenting and acting in Iraq, Dalia is no stranger to the spotlight. She proudly flaunts her face on Instagram, showcasing the results of her ever-evolving transformation. Her social media following has skyrocketed to over 990,000 fans, with many mesmerized by her metamorphosis. Her “before” picture may leave you scratching your head, as she now looks almost unrecognizable.

Dalia gives credit where it’s due and showers praise on the beautician who has worked magic on her, turning her into a living Barbie. “Your makeup is Barbie,” she exclaims with gratitude. Her journey includes a series of procedures like lip fillers and breast enlargement surgery, all in pursuit of her Barbie dream. And let’s face it, with each step, she’s getting closer to becoming a real-life plastic princess.

Yet, as with anything extraordinary, not everyone is onboard with Dalia’s radical makeover. Some critics have voiced their doubts, comparing her to a “zombie.” But in a world where you can’t please everyone, she’s found solace in the overwhelming support she receives from fans who encourage her to keep living her life and pursuing her dreams.

Amid the mixed opinions, Dalia remains unswayed by the naysayers. Restrictions in Australia mean she can’t have any more surgeries there, but that hasn’t deterred her from her mission. She’s now scouting for top-notch international clinics to continue her transformation journey.

You’ve got to hand it to Dalia; she’s taking life by the perfectly-manicured hands and living it on her terms. It takes courage and conviction to chase your dreams, especially when they involve turning yourself into a real-life doll. So, while critics might see a zombie, we see a fearless woman chasing her vision with unapologetic determination.

Perhaps, in a world that idolizes the perfect and unattainable, Dalia is a reflection of our society’s obsession with beauty and perfection. She’s putting herself out there, seeking validation and acceptance from an audience that can be both uplifting and cruel.

In the end, Dalia reminds us that everyone has their unique journey and desires. What may seem strange to some may be an empowering dream for others. So, as we sip our coffee and scroll through our feeds, let’s take a moment to appreciate Dalia’s audacity and fearlessness. She might be trying to live in a Barbie world, but she’s doing it with real-life confidence, and that’s a feat worth acknowledging. After all, life is too short to worry about what others think. Let’s embrace our quirks, follow our passions, and strut confidently down the runway of life, just like Dalia, the real-life Barbie on a mission.