Serial Killers that Have Never Been Caught


It’s hard to imagine people being able to murder multiple times without leaving evidence that leads to their arrest. Especially in our current day and age where there’s cameras and gps everywhere, not to mention forensic evidence being able to pull your entire DNA out of a single strand of hair. Those weren’t always the times we lived in, and some serial killers were never caught due to this.

Here’s a few serial killers throughout history that we never quite managed to catch for some reason. Don’t worry, none of them are active anymore, so you can rest easy.

The Alphabet Killer

Back in 2011 there was a small bit of hope that the Rochester-based Alphabet Killer had finally been caught, but sadly the DNA of the then-convicted killer didn’t match the DNA found on the Alphabet Killer’s victims. The Alphabet Killer only picked victims whose first and last name started with the same letter. He made three victims in the early 1970s, raping and strangling each one.

The Alphabet Killer | Serial Killers that Have Never Been Caught | Zestradar

The Zodiac Killer

This killer is mostly known for his cryptic ciphers and taunting the police every step of the way. He pretty much scared everyone back in the 1960s because despite only five murders being connected to Zodiac, he claimed to have killed 37. He released four ciphers and over 50 years later, only two have been cracked. One of them allegedly contains the identity of the killer so maybe one day we’ll find out who the infamous Zodiac killer was.

The Zodiac Killer | Serial Killers that Have Never Been Caught | Zestradar

The Long Island Killer

There’s about a dozen, and maybe even more, murders that can be attributed to this killer and his most recent victim was only found little over a decade ago. This leads the police to conclude that he’s very much aware of law enforcement techniques, because otherwise there’s no way someone could make this many victims and possibly still remain at large. 

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The Black Doodler

In the mid 70s, the gay community of San Francisco saw several men disappear only to be sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. The killer also drew them before he killed them, hence the name The Black Doodler. Because gay people were not accepted in the 70s, many people didn’t come forward out of fear of being outed. Recently that has been changing and there has been an influx of new tips for the police to follow, so they may just catch this guy in the near future.

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The Babysit Killer

This uncaught killer is assumed to have murdered at least four children in the late 70s in Oakland County, Michigan. His name comes from the fact that each child was bathed before he killed it. After he abducted the children, he kept them for sometimes up to 19 days before he bathed and killed them. The case is still open and the killer is still assumed to be at large, but there haven’t been any developments since 2012, when they finally managed to make a DNA profile of this killer.

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Jack The Ripper

Perhaps the only case on this list where we can be absolutely certain that it’ll never get solved because this was in the late 1880s and most of the police records were destroyed in World War II. We don’t know a lot about these murders, apart from the fact that Jack savagely murdered at least 5 women in London’s East End and contrary to popular belief, they weren’t all prostitutes. Fingers have been pointing in all sorts of directions regarding Jack’s true identity, but we’ll never really know who it was and why he savagely butchered those women.

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Bible John

In the late 1960s, three women were beaten, raped and then murdered after visiting a popular nightclub in Glasgow named the Barrowland Ballroom. Bible John was never found nor identified, despite one of the victim’s sisters having shared a taxi with the killer on the night of her sister’s murder. She died in 2010 however, so with the last witness gone the odds of ever catching this serial killer are slim to none.

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