Sahar Tabar: Angelina Jolie’s Nightmarish Lookalike


In 2017, pics of 19-year-old Sahar Tabar blew up online. Seriously, they were mind-blowing—she looked like a skinny grandma with a massive head and all sorts of out-of-whack facial features. Those sunken eyes, all dolled up with dark makeup, didn’t exactly do her any favors in the beauty department, but that was probably the point.

Sahar’s pics had the internet buzzing with rumors. Some folks were swearing she went under the knife a million times, trying to pull off a zombie Angelina Jolie look. Others thought she was a dead ringer for the Corpse Bride. But what happened to her after all that drama?

Tehran-born Sahar Tabar, whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand, made waves with those spooky, zombie-like pics on Instagram. She wanted to be famous since she was a kid, and going viral on the internet seemed much easier than climbing Hollywood’s stairway to stardom.

Now, the plot thickens. In 2019, when Tabar faced a laundry list of charges, from blasphemy to violating dress codes, her Instagram got wiped out, and she was punished with a 10-year jail sentence in 2020. Reports say she begged Angelina Jolie for help, calling out Iran’s infamous mistreatment of women. Even Amnesty International stepped in, calling her imprisonment way too harsh for just sharing pics on social media.

But hold on, Tabar insists she didn’t mean to copy Jolie’s appearance or Tim Burton’s style from The Corpse Bride; it was all just a big ‘ol joke with a bunch of makeup and some basic Photoshopping.

So, now that she’s out of the slammer, will she make a grand return to Instagram? So far, we’ve only found her TikTok channel, which has not been updated since 2022. Tabar’s probably had enough of this viral fame and is currently playing it cool, saying she’s not even sure if she’ll keep the app on her phone, let alone start a new page.