Kate Middleton’s Treatment Proves Royal Family Is Shadier Than You Thought


The theories surrounding the mysterious Kate Middleton these days are endless, and it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole if you’re not careful. Due to her ongoing absence, the public has been filling in the blanks on what exactly the Princess of Wales is up to these days. Many are concerned for her well-being, and if the internet is ahead of the game and has the latest theory correct, the royals are even shadier than we initially thought. 

After months of being out of the spotlight, Kate finally answered the question we’d all been thinking about. In March, she posted a video on social media after months of avoiding public scrutiny. In the video, she shared her heartbreaking cancer diagnosis with the rest of the world. While everyone sent their well-wishes and hoped that the royal would undergo a speedy recovery, her healing process has taken longer than people anticipated. Could there be a shady reason why everyone has been so tight-lipped about her recovery?

A video went viral on TikTok suggesting that the reason Kate’s treatment has been so secretive is the same reason she took such a long hiatus from public appearances; because she’s been getting her medical attention completed in the United States rather than the United Kingdom.

The TikTok user expanded on the controversy around this decision, commenting, “Kate’s workload involves tons of engagement with the NHS, their [Britain’s] health system … She is one of the poster children for women and children receiving good quality care from the NHS. How on Earth would they be able to explain Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, not trusting the NHS enough to handle her own cancer treatment.”

By choosing an alternative to the National Health Service, it shows Kate’s lack of goodwill in the organization. This could reflect poorly on the entire royal family and be considered a bad PR move, especially because the NHS is currently experiencing struggles. 

Kate’s upcoming schedule fuels rumors about her treatment.

Though the public can’t wait for Kate to get back to her royal duties, it looks like that won’t be happening any time soon. Her rep quietly rewrote her plans for returning to the public, setting off alarms. It appears that they don’t want it to look like the Princess of Wales is working too much from home, as it would lead to questions about just how much she’s capable of at the moment.

Buckingham Palace released a statement to the Daily Mail, simply saying, “She will return to work when she has had the green light from doctors.” They didn’t volunteer a timeline of when health officials might give this approval. 

Expectations of Kate coming back to the spotlight were further disrupted when sources revealed that she doesn’t have any approaching plans marked in her calendar. Beyond the near future, the source revealed that “Kate’s diary for this year is empty” and that she wouldn’t be appearing publicly for the rest of 2024.

It looks like Kate Middleton’s comeback to the limelight is still far away, fitting in with the assumption that she’s receiving her treatments outside the U.K. The person who posted the original TikTok video suggesting this claim ruminated on what additional travel time would mean for the royal, saying, “If there is travel time involved for these treatments, that would be adding to the really long timeline for her recovery and return to work.”

It’s doubtful that the royals would go as far as admitting that Kate was receiving medical care outside of the United Kingdom, it hasn’t stopped the conspiracy theorists from spreading hearsay and furthering speculation.