Interabled Couple Dish Their Secret To A Happy Marriage


Some claim that big weddings are an indication that a marriage will be happy and long lasting. Well Nick and Kanae Vujicic may not have had a huge wedding, but they still prove that their union is one that is built to last. Nick and Kanae, an interabled couple, are a perfect example of true love and have turned into an inspiration for those looking for their soulmates. Read on to learn what Nick and Kanae believe are the secrets to their happy life together. 

Nick and Kanae are an interabled couple, which, in this case, means one individual has a disability and the other does not. Nick was born with no limbs due to tetra-amelia syndrome. But he has not let his disability limit him in life, and has overcome his personal adversity to become a motivational speaker and a public figure known for his perseverance and positivity. 

They help each other face their fears

When he met Kanae, she helped him defeat his fear that he would never find a pure love. She showed him that she loved him for exactly who he was and was willing to stick with him through thick and thin. “The biggest test for us during our courting period was when I went through a personal financial crisis. Seeing Kanae’s commitment to stand by my side no matter what, was the most amazing discovery of how deep her love was for me. She looks at me, and I can tell she doesn’t see limbless Nick,” he said. 

They don’t get too complacent

One thing that couples can have a tendency to do after some time together is coast. Coasting is when one person or both individuals feel like they can become complacent in the relationship, putting in less effort than the beginning stages. But Nick and Kanae say this is the opposite of what you should do. They believe you should maintain, if not increase, the effort you put in for your partner. Never taking your partner for granted is one of the most important tips they have for a successful marriage. 

Be ready for conflict to happen

No matter how well you get along, Nick and Kanae urge couples to be ready for conflict to come up eventually. Situations will arise that trigger one person or the other, and feelings of tension are inevitable. Healthy conflict will arise even in the best relationships – so it is better to prepare and welcome it with ease and understanding. “Being right isn’t nearly as important as being together. Sometimes you will be the windshield. Other times you will be the bug,” the couple said. 

Always remember why you chose your spouse

Life can get hard, and sometimes it can be difficult to remember why you love your spouse. But Nick says remember why you chose them in the first place. “We choose the people we marry. When Kanae and I are at odds, I find it very helpful to look beyond the conflict at hand to the woman I fell in love with. Then I remind myself that I vowed to honor her and keep her in good times and bad. Our love is bigger than any disagreements we might have. Our relationship is more important to me than being right or winning an argument.” 

Nick says that taking some time to step back from a situation with your spouse can help. Getting some perspective can help you see more clearly, and dial back your feelings to consider the other person’s needs and perspective better. Nick offers that this helps him remember just how much joy and happiness Kanae brings to his life.