How to Kiss When Wearing Glasses


Anyone that wears glasses will tell you that while it may not look like a huge hindrance, it’s bound to impact your life in some very silly ways. One situation where glasses can kill the mood entirely is kissing. It’s not something that can’t be helped though, and even doing some very small things can make kissing someone when wearing glasses a lot more comfortable. Keep on reading and find out what you can do!

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Getting in there with a hug will allow you to get close to your partner before you bring the glasses in, meaning there’s less distance you have to account for when kissing. Odds of coming in too hot and smashing your glasses against your partner’s face get reduced to practically zero, and everyone loves a good hug!

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Tilt You Head Backwards

Tilting your head backwards only really works when your partner is bigger than you, but it does have the added benefit of making sure your glasses don’t slip off your nose. That shouldn’t happen anyway if your glasses are good, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Dropping your glasses in this economy probably isn’t something most people look forward to.

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Tilt Your Head Sideways

Tilting your head sideways is the easiest way to reduce the risk of headbutting your partner when kissing with glasses. If you’re both wearing spectacles, it’s probably going to be your only option if we’re being honest. That said, most people will naturally tilt their head sideways somewhat when kissing, so this shouldn’t even be that much of an adjustment to make.

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Get Tighter Glasses

This isn’t always possible based on your face shape and the model of your glasses, but it does help with the whole kissing business if your glasses fit to your face as tightly as possible. The less room between your glasses and your eyes, the less room you have to mentally take into account when moving in for a good smooch or two.

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Keep Your Hair Back

The last thing you need when trying to kiss someone while wearing glasses is having your glasses stuck in your hair. It’ll make things very, very awkward when the mood strikes and you want to take your glasses off, and you can bet it’ll hurt to pull your glasses out of that mess. Just keep your hair back as much as you can – trust me.

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