Gabriela Andrade’s Pregnancy Workout Sparks Controversy


Captain Gabriela Andrade, a 34-year-old firefighter in Espirito Santo, Brazil, recently sparked a debate on social media after posting the extremely demanding workout she completed shortly before delivering her baby. As a professional firefighter, Andrade is well-known for her rigorous exercise regimen, but even with that said, her Instagram post from June 12 has been making many people nervous. Not only did Gabriela lift some insanely heavy weights, but she also did it mere hours before going into labor. The full workout routine also included cardio and plyometrics.

In a video that has racked up a fair amount of likes and comments, both negative and positive, Gabriela detailed how she battled overwhelming anxiety 40 weeks into her pregnancy. To help alleviate the intensity of her stress, she embarked on a power squatting session and topped that off with a good handful of pull-ups. While pregnant, just to remind you. What’s even more impressive, Gabriela tackled sets of push-ups despite her baby bump kissing the floor with every rep. Nevertheless, her exercise routine triggered a range of opinions among observers, with some finding her actions motivating while others expressed their safety concerns for the baby.

This is nothing new, as people have been sticking their noses into other people’s businesses for as long as anyone can remember. Giving unwanted advice? Check! Worrying about someone else’s unborn child? Double check! Trying to cancel someone on the Internet for not doing something the way you want them to? Oh boy, we might have a BINGO here!

Weird comments aside, Gabriela gave birth to her second child, a son they named Matteus, a few hours after the training session. There were no complications, and she felt happy and satisfied to see that her videos and photos could motivate many women to be physically active during pregnancy. Taking care of one’s body and health, as well as boosting your self-esteem, are all things a pregnant woman should not be afraid to do. It is especially true if you’re working side-by-side with an experienced trainer or health professional who can help you get through this journey. Just don’t go off the deep end and start small.

Some moms-to-be find exercises like CrossFit, a combination of weightlifting, cardio, and bodyweight exercises, too intense. But Andrade said she also did a lot of swimming and handball, which combines elements of soccer and volleyball. What’s important is that Gabriela did not let her pregnancy stop her from working out. She continued to exercise throughout her pregnancy under the guidance of several health professionals, emphasizing that her body was prepared for the intensity.

Would you be willing to undergo such a rigorous training?