Crazy Conspiracy Theories You’ve Never Heard Of


There are many conspiracy theories out there, just like there are many people who believe in them. You’ve probably heard many of them: like your classic lizard people controlling the governments, or that the earth is flat, or that the moon landing was staged and it’s actually fake. Those are the ones we no longer even care about. But those aren’t the only insane conspiracy theories. It seems like more and more new ones emerge every year. So today we’re going to share with you some crazy conspiracy theories you’ve never heard of. 

COVID-19 Is A Hoax

Let’s start with the most current conspiracy theories, and yes, we did say theories (plural), because there are a few in relation just to COVID-19. So the first one is that COVID-19 literally is a hoax, like it just doesn’t exist and the governments are just trying to control us using fear and fake news.

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Walt Disney Was Frozen

Walt Disney is a very famous man, so it’s no surprise that there’s a rumor concerning the circumstances of his death and what happened to his body afterwards. The conspiracy states that Walt’s body was frozen after his death and the hope was that cryogenics will develop and at some point in the future, with medical advances, they could unfreeze him and bring him back to life. But conspiracy theorists went even further and claimed that the movie “Frozen” was specifically made to hide “the truth”, so now if you google “Disney Frozen” you get pages of information about the movie and not about Walt Disney and cryogenics. However, the truth of the matter is that Walt Disney died of lung cancer and was cremated. 

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COVID-19 Is A Failed Experiment

There are people that truly believe that COVID-19 was something the Chinese scientists were creating as a bioweapon, and they failed to contain it in their labs and it got out accidentally. It doesn’t help that the former US President Donald Trump actually helped spread this insane conspiracy.

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The Earth Is Hollow

So you probably heard about Flateartehrs, but have you heard the conspiracy that the Earth is hollow? It’s based solely on a suggestion made by the astronomer Edmond Halley in the 17th century. Since then, scientists have proved that the Earth, in fact, is not hollow, but those who believe this conspiracy refuse to give up. They even think that there could be a whole new civilization of superhumans living inside the hollow Earth.

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COVID-19 Spread Is Caused By 5G

This conspiracy is based solely on the fact that 5G was being rolled out around the same time that the pandemic started. The theory is that the virus is being spread through 5G. It’s impossible because one is a wireless network and the other is a virus that infects humans, not computers, but hey – people will believe anything if they lack basic common sense and education. 

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You’re Not Real, Your Life Is A Simulation 

An entertaining yet creepy conspiracy theory suggests that we all live in a giant simulation, like The Matrix and we’re not actually in control of our lives. This theory is based on the hypothesis that life is just an illusion. Based on current progress and the technology we already have we can create small simulations like games. So who’s to say that wouldn’t just grow in scale in the future. How do we know that it hasn’t happened already and perhaps we’re not actually real and we are in fact living in a simulation? There are multiple blogs and websites about the “glitches” in the matrix of our lives, like things that just don’t line up or don’t make sense and make people question their sanity.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Has Microchips In It

We’ve got to admit, this has to be one of the funniest ones out there. There’s a clip of Bill Gates talking about the danger of viruses, and some people choose to interpret it as Bill warning us. Apparently now Bill Gates (one of the richest men on the planet) plans to profit from the vaccine and also control you by putting a microchip in your arm or bloodstream as you get vaccinated.

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