China’s Pyramid-Shaped Mountains Are Sparking Conspiracy Theories


Whenever someone says the words “conspiracy” and “China” in the same sentence, there’s usually not a lot of surprise in the room. When you add “pyramids” to it, though, suddenly people have no idea what’s going on anymore. You may or may not know that the Guizhou province of China is home to the Anlong Pyramids, a group of hills that look suspiciously like pyramids. Any conspiracy theory that combines the biggest architectural mystery in our history with a country known for its suspicious actions is bound to gain significant traction online. As it did.

One of the biggest conspiracies sparked by this group of pyramids is whether or not they were man-made. While with the original pyramids, we’re wondering if they were made by the Egyptians or perhaps something or someone not of this Earth. These pyramids are allegedly natural formations. The clear rows of stacked stones visible on their sides further complicate the situation. Then again, experts (not sure in which field) have claimed and stood by the conclusion that they are in fact natural formations, and human ingenuity had nothing to do with the creation of the Anlong Pyramids.

The scientific explanation for the pyramids is that the area features a significant amount of karst terrain. When the county began as a shallow sea, the minerals in the water transformed into dolomite, leading to the formation of pyramids stacked on top of each other. On the other hand, the formation of the blocks, which often leads people to believe they are not naturally formed, appears to be a result of water erosion. This process would form cracks in the dolomite to make them look like separate blocks.


Recent photos and videos from Anlong county, in Southwest China’s Guizhou province show what appear to be several partially buried pyramids. China has many hidden pyramids that officials refuse to allow archaeological studies to be done. In fact, going to great lengths to keep them hidden including planting trees on them. #questioneverything #historyreset #oldworld #history #historytok #hiddeninplainsight #pyramid #china #giant #whobuiltthis #geology

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And while we can agree that these do look a lot rounder and less geometrically correct than the pyramids in Egypt, people continue to think to this day that there’s more to these hills than meets the eye. Whether they are in fact just piles of eroded rocks, prototypes for the actual pyramids, or something different altogether, I doubt we will ever really know. If you ask me, these really are a bunch of somewhat pyramid-shaped hills being called pyramids as a very successful tourist trap to generate some income for what is clearly a very poor region that no one would visit otherwise.