Alien Races That Have Been In Contact With Earth


Ever since mankind has been able to look to the sky, we’ve wondered whether there’s someone else out there. Some mysterious race with far more advanced technology than ours that’d come visit us at regular intervals and share their technology with us. And despite there being no actual scientific evidence that this has in fact happened, there are a boatload of theories out there that claim that we have indeed been visited by races from outer space at certain points in our history. Let’s take a look at some of the more credible ones – which isn’t saying much.


Allegedly one of the oldest and wisest races in the galaxy, the Arcturians were the first system where life formed and are allegedly our cosmic ancestor. Like most other alien races they did not invent gyms and just have the typical big heads because they have big brains.

The Anunnaki

One of the few races that actually have a whole book written about them, the Anunnaki hail from the old Mesopotamian cultures. In true human fashion, they apparently came to Earth to pillage it for our gold and submit the human race into slavery, which is exactly how we spent the rest of our future as a race treating each other.

The Pleiadians

Pleiadians are supposedly one of the alien races that most closely resemble humans and are very susceptible to telepathic energy. That’s pretty useless to us regular humans though, since we can’t send or receive telepathic signals anyway. It’s not like we could even check if the rumors are true or not. And even if we could contact them telepathically, how would we know they answered? I have so many questions.

Alpha Draconians

These drake/dinosaur-like aliens are often associated with most deep state conspiracy theories, where they’d be hiding in plain sight, waiting for the right time to take over our governments and society. But since they’re allegedly up to 22 feet tall, I think we’d kind of notice if any of them were still around, right? Besides, we don’t need an undercover alien invasion to ruin our society, we’ve been making great progress in that field on our own.

The Grays

These little gray men are often associated with abducting drunk farmers in some of the less intelligent parts of the United States. They presumably hail from the Zeti Reticuli system, which would put them at only 40 light years away from our planet. In space terms, they’d be living in the same neighbourhood. And they apparently like the succulent meat of American Midwest farmers.


The Nommos only had contact with a very specific tribe in Mali (how convenient!) but did manage to share with them some knowledge that would only be scientifically proven centuries or even millennia later. According to legend the Nommos came from Sirius and managed to explain to the Malinese tribe that Sirius was made up of three stars and how long it took Sirius B to revolve around Sirius A – all things we now know is true.