8 Best Places in the World to “Love Lock” Your Love


All over the world, there are amazing destinations you can visit. Some of them are known for being especially significant if you are traveling with your significant other. These places have a reputation for being super romantic. One theme you can choose on your travels is to visit places that are love lock destinations. These special places have locations where you can lock an object to something like a bridge or fence. In most of these instances, you perform the love lock, and throw away the key in the river below, signifying your commitment to your person. Here are 8 best places in the world to love lock your love. 

Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris

This destination is a popular spot over the Seine River. This bridge is one of the most famous love lock bridges in the world. It was so popular that the bridge reached a weight of 93 metric tons. This was too heavy and the parapet with the locks collapsed in June 2014, resulting in the removal of many of the locks.

Hohenzollern Bridge, Germany

Rhine River in Germany is another destination for lock locking, specifically at the Hohenzollern Bridge. You can reach this bridge by railway, and you can see hundreds of other love locks along the way. 

Mt. Huangshan, China

There is a long fence to love lock at Mt. Hunagshan in China. This place is the site of hundreds of love locks, and those who choose to lock their love at this destination throw their keys below into the valley. 

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

On the Brooklyn Bridge, many have completed the love lock tradition. It is one of the most popular love lock destinations, and makes it a well visited site in New York. The locks have to be removed frequently due to the increasing weight of the locks. 

N Seoul Tower, Seoul 

This interesting destination is different from most love lock sites, in that it is not a bridge, but several “love trees.” These trees were designed specifically to hold the weight of locks and padlocks. 

Ponte Milvio Bridge, Rome

This bridge in Rome is home to another love lock site. It is located on the Tiber river in northern Rome, and is the site of the well known Battle of the Milvian Bridge during the Roman Empire. It has become a destination for love in later years. 

Butchers Bridge in Slovenia

This is a walking bridge over the River Ljubljanica, in the capital city of the same name in Slovenia. It is in the central market near the Petkovsek Embankment. There are steel wires running the bridge that contain these love locks. 

Mala Strana District, Czech Republic 

In the Mala Strana district of Prague city, there is a pedestrian bridge that holds many love locks. It is a well known destination for many lovers who want to symbolize their love and commitment to each other. This bridge is different visually in that the locks are on vertical wires and rods. It is definitely a beautiful sight to see.