7 Zodiac Signs That Give Off Negative Energy


Without realizing it, some people give off negative energy to whoever is trying to talk to them. And would you believe it? Those bad vibes often come from certain Zodiac signs like Virgo and Scorpio (as a Virgo myself, I can attest to that).

Here are the seven Zodiac signs that give off negative energy.


Gemini are full of vigor and energy, which can hardly be called a bad thing. Nevertheless, in pursuit of new ideas and hobbies, people born under this sign can exploit others and blast everyone with their dismissive attitude. Gemini are very difficult to please, so a small chit-chat with them often ends in mutual hostility. Their tactlessness sometimes knows no boundaries, which makes communication with them extremely unpleasant.

Gemini | 7 Zodiac Signs That Give Off Negative Energy | Zestradar


Virgos love to criticize and “fix” everything that catches their eye. They will not miss a single mistake and will tell you how much you’re wrong about something even if you don’t want to hear it. Virgos drive their loved ones crazy with constant nagging and demands to be better and do the right thing. They often see everything in a negative light, even if the situation doesn’t look that bad for the others. And if you’re trying to prove a Virgo wrong, best of luck to you. You’re going to need it.

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Scorpios know exactly how to control their emotions, but the more they suppress them, the tenser the atmosphere around them becomes, and given the fact that Scorpios are constantly nervous and angry, it can be very difficult to communicate with them. But there is also an upside to this feature: if Scorpios feel happy and contented, their positive emotions also spread to others. Therefore, it is better to bother them when they are in a good mood.

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Capricorns are too often in a bad mood, so it becomes a routine for them. They hate seeing happy and cheerful people around them because they do not understand how they can stay this positive all the time when everything around falls to ruin. Sometimes Capricorns will try to learn how to think positively, but in most cases, they’ll freak out and come back to the Dark Side.

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Cancers are incredibly self-conscious, and their bad vibes are often directed at themselves, as they are constantly dissatisfied with their character, habits, and behavior. They will scold themselves for any offense, often blaming everything on their non-existent shortcomings. Your first reaction would be to cheer them up, but it’s all for naught. Cancers need to work through those issues alone.

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Pisces’ energy depends on their mood, which can change many times during the day, so you never know if it’s the right time to talk to them. But these sneaky fish-people are not bothered with such trivial nonsense. On the contrary, they are trying to use it to their own advantage. When they need something, they’ll start nagging and complaining, which will make people around them try to get rid of the negative Pisces. And to keep in touch with the right people, Pisces will quickly switch to their positive vibes full of joy and happiness.

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Aquarius like to stir things up, creating chaos and panic, because while everyone going into their lizard-brain mode, these guys and gals get the opportunity to show their leadership skills. They deliberately provoke people, make them doubt their capabilities just because they can. Quite often, Aquarians will use their negative energy to remove competitors and get to their goal. Of course, this kind of malevolence will come back to bite them in the butt one day, but that’s a future problem.

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