7 Qualities That The Perfect Partner Should Have


When dating, it can be difficult to find someone that is right for you. Everyone has varying needs and desires in a romantic partner. Your specific needs are important to keep in mind when dating so that you can find someone who aligns with you. But some things we may want out of a partner are not always aligned with what creates a long-lasting partnership. This is where you may see challenges in your relationships, when your wants may not always be what you need. So when looking for love, there are certain needs that are universal to a healthy, positive relationship. You can use these universal qualities to guide you during your dating journey, helping you decipher who is a good match. Check out these 7 qualities that the perfect partner should have. 

Open Mind

Having an open mind is so beneficial to relationships. It can make a huge difference in the way you interact with each other when times are good, and when times are also challenging. With an open partner, they will be less quick to judge and more quick to understand and accept you for who you are. They will also be more likely to be vulnerable themselves, and let you see the real person underneath it all. 

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Being honest in a relationship, and in general, is one of the most important characteristics to have. Honesty helps to build trust and intimacy. It aids in improving communications and clarity in where you stand in various aspects of the relationship. If your partner can be honest with you, you’ll know that you are always getting the real them, and you can trust their word. 

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Another huge characteristic needed in a partner is maturity. This is essential to a loving relationship because you have to be able to handle challenges with a mature perspective. A mature partner will be able to take accountability for themselves and not deflect negative outcomes on to you. A mature partner can be self reflective and improve for themselves and for you. 

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Empathy and Compassion

It is definitely nice to find someone who is intellectually sound from a book smart standpoint. But emotional intelligence is arguable just as, if not more important in a potential mate. If your partner is emotionally intelligent, they can show empathy and compassion for perspectives, opinions, and feelings outside of their own. They are capable of understanding you and what you need, even if it pushes them to grow in ways they never have. An empathetic partner will strive to get into attunement with your emotional personality. 

Empathy and Compassion | 7 Qualities That The Perfect Partner Should Have | Zestradar

Intimacy and Affection

Showing your partner that you love and care for them makes for such a special and loving relationship. Every person speaks a different love language, whether it is through acts of service, gifts, affirming words, quality time or physical touch. If they can acknowledge, affirm and love you in different ways that actually resonate with you, you may have found a perfect partner. 

Intimacy and Affection | 7 Qualities That The Perfect Partner Should Have | Zestradar

Self Respect and Boundaries 

Every healthy relationship needs its fair share of intimacy and togetherness. But it is equally important for your mate to understand the concept of boundaries — for the sake of themselves, your mental wellness, and the longevity of the relationship. Your partner needs to have a sense of independence and interests that exist outside of you. They also need to understand and respect the interests and time you need for yourself. This will make the time you do spend together that much more meaningful and special. 

Self Respect and Boundaries | 7 Qualities That The Perfect Partner Should Have | Zestradar

A Sense of Humor

Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself, each other or the strange ways of life. Having a partner that has a sense of humor can make your time together fun and adventurous, even if you are just spending time at home together. Find a partner that doesn’t take themselves or life too seriously all the time. There is nothing like having a good ole giggle session with your lover. 

A Sense of Humor | 7 Qualities That The Perfect Partner Should Have | Zestradar