7 Popular Surgery Procedures In South Korea


When you think of South Korea you probably think of K-pop and Korean beauty products. Those things have taken over the world in the past years. It’s like the whole world decided that South Korea is the epicentre of beauty, and you know, looking at their celebrities it’s hard to argue with that. But do you think about plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures when you think of South Korea? The country has ranked in the top 5 countries in the world based on the number of plastic surgeons. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are really popular in Korea, and while these days many opt for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, there are still quite a few surgeries that are extremely common in South Korea.

1. Blepharoplasty

One of the most popular surgeries in South Korea is double eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. It’s considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, where the surgeon makes the incision on the eyelid and removes excess fat or skin to create that double eyelid effect. Many people in South Korea get these surgeries routinely, as a present for a birthday, some even get it as a graduation gift when they turn 18.

Blepharoplasty | 7 Popular Surgery Procedures In South Korea | Zestaradar

2. Canthoplasty

Eye widening surgery is called canthoplasty and it’s another popular surgery in South Korea, and quite a lot of people choose to have it done at the same time with the blepharoplasty. The surgeon goes in and cuts the corners of the eyelids and shaped them to give the appearance of bigger wider eyes.

Canthoplasty | 7 Popular Surgery Procedures In South Korea | Zestaradar

3. Forehead Augmentation

This sounds weird but this procedure is supposed to give you a smoother forehead that’s a bit more rounded, providing you with a younger-looking face. This is often achieved with an implant, but these days people also use fillers and non-invasive methods to achieve a similar look.

Forehead Augmentation | 7 Popular Surgery Procedures In South Korea | Zestaradar

4. Jaw Reduction

When it comes to face esthetics, having a pointed chin and v-shaped jaw is considered to be the most beautiful. So quite a lot of people, especially those who work in show business and media get jaw reduction surgery. The surgeon basically shaves down the sides of the jaw to achieve that pointed ook.

Jaw Reduction | 7 Popular Surgery Procedures In South Korea | Zestaradar

5. Chin Augmentation

While we’re on the topic of pointed face shapes and that coveted v-shape look in South Korea, we have to mention chin augmentation. A lot of people in South Korea get this procedure done in order to visually lengthen their face and make it look more pointed. Fillers are often used to achieve a similar result.

Chin Augmentation | 7 Popular Surgery Procedures In South Korea | Zestaradar

6. Rhinoplasty

Another thing that is considered pretty high on the scale of things that make you more beautiful is a high nose bridge. Since that feature isn’t necessarily super common among Koreans, some people choose to have a nose job to achieve that high nose bridge. It should also be mentioned that in the last couple of years the popularity of a non-invasive nose job has skyrocketed. The procedure only lasts a couple of minutes and the nose shape is corrected using fillers.

Rhinoplasty | 7 Popular Surgery Procedures In South Korea | Zestaradar

7. Hait Transplants

This procedure is popular all over the world and South Korea isn’t an exception to this. It’s especially popular amongst men who find that their hair is thinning or if they see that they’re starting to lose hair. But it’s also something women do if they have alopecia or any other condition that causes hair loss.