6 Most Evil Women in History


History has largely been defined by its tyrants and the people that were truly evil. We know all their names, yet we rarely remember the name of those who helped rid the world of their presence. And if we’re being honest, most evil people in history seem to mostly be men.

Since we’re all about gender equality and breaking the glass ceiling, let’s take a look at some of the most evil women in history.

Aileen Wuornos

If you’ve seen the movie “Monster”, this name probably rings a bell. Aileen was a highway prostitute that was convicted for brutally murdering and robbing seven men. She claimed self defense, as you do, but was put on death row and executed in 2002.

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Karla Homolka

Another female serial killer, Karla helped her husband murder three women, among which her own younger sister. She struck a plea deal and only had to spend 12 years in prison. This deal, now called the “Deal with the Devil”, was based on the fact that she claimed to have been forced to help her husband, while later on video evidence proved that this wasn’t the case. The deal was struck, however.

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Amelia Dyer

While the Victorian era wasn’t exactly known for being light-hearted, Amelia surely cranked the darkness up a notch. She murdered about 400 babies in a 20 year period by posing as a baby farmer. This was a common practice in Victorian times, where (unmarried) women would pay someone else to take care of their child. Amelia took the money and dumped the children in the Thames river. She was sentenced to death, naturally.

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Bloody Mary

While it’s a lovely cocktail to drink indeed, it’s based on one of the most horrible people in the British royal family. Mary I of England decided to restore Catholicism as the major religion in England, and found no better way to do this than literally burning Protestants and branding them as heretics. It’s said she’s responsible for over 300 Protestant deaths, for which she was never prosecuted.

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Myra Hindley

This British evildoer was responsible for the kidnapping, torture and murder of five children back in the 1960s. After getting caught, she actually pleaded not guilty and denied having anything to do with the murders up until 1987, when she finally admitted that she played a role in the Moors murders.

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Elizabeth Bathory

This Guiness World Record holder for being the most successful female serial killer was accused of the torture, mutilation and murder of around 650 women. There was substantial evidence against her, but because she was a Hungarian Countess with a lot of influence, she was never tried for her crimes. And as you do in the late 1500’s, the Countess reportedly had a habit of literally bathing in her victims’ blood.

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