15 Most Depressing Photos of Dystopian Urban Architecture


As we gaze at the massive skyscrapers in the distance, we can’t help but feel impressed by their grandness. But let’s not forget that every building casts a shadow, and the Urban Hell community is living proof of that.

This community showcases urban life’s raw and unfiltered reality without any sugarcoating. Members of this subreddit share photos of cities and buildings, starkly contrasting the opulence of the city center with the squalor of the rundown slums, a sight that is both unsettling and thought-provoking.

From anti-homeless concrete spikes to overcrowded streets lit up by neon lights, the photos paint a grim picture of our urban existence. So, is this the best we can do as a society? Or can we still fix it?

1. Clearly visible income inequality in Mumbai, India.

2. Concrete spikes in Guangzhou, China, that prevent homeless people from sleeping on the ground.

3. A massive parking lot in Houston in the 1970s.

4. Light from the railway system shining over houses in the slums in China.

5. Colossal towering construction sites in Hong Kong.

6. The neverending rows of balconies of the famous hotel in Thailand.

7. This is what Times Square would look like in Cairo, Egypt.

8. Huge water pipe going through Mumbai, India. What is it like to live there?

9. Slums and little markets along the train tracks in Manila, Philippines.

10. Dilapidated slums along Brazil’s coast.

11. A typical day in Kowloon in the early 2000s.

12. This is not a Martian landscape, just some skyscrapers in Newtown, India.

13. Sheraton Hotel in Rio De Janeiro is so massive that it covers the entire beach, so if you were trying to catch some tan, you’d be fresh out of luck.

14. McDonald’s pop-up store during the Spring festival in Guangzhou, China.

15. The uncanny-looking border between human civilization and the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.