10 Most Fascinating UFO Sightings of All Time


The universe is so vast that we have still yet to understand just how gigantic it really is. The one thing we know for certain is that we are not really certain of it at all. And what continues to baffle the minds of both experts and civilians alike is the potential existence of other life forms outside of humans on Earth. For decades and even centuries, there have been strange occurrences that have left people totally perplexed – sightings of other worldly phenomena here on Earth and in the skies above. The only explanation has been that there is indeed life on other planets, and that they have frequently made their presence known to us. To learn just how wild these occurrences have been over the years, check out these top 10 most fascinating UFO sightings of all time. 

North Yorkshire, England

In North Yorkshire, England in 1952, a silver disc was seen hovering in the sky for several days on end. It was witnessed by multiple people in various locations around the city, all reporting that the unknown object was completing strange maneuvers they’d never seen any other aircraft perform. 

Flying Saucer in Switzerland, photo taken by Swiss man, UFO

Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England

Back in 1980, members of the U.S. Air Force at an airbase in Suffolk, England reported strange lights in the Rendlesham Forest. They believed it to be an unidentified flying object, and was the size of a house. Later, it was released that radiation readings in the area were abnormal and there were strange tree markings as well. 

Mount Rainier, Washington

In 1947, a pilot named Kenneth Arnold saw a series of UFOs near Mount Rainier. He saw approximately nine objects – and they were all flying at about 1200 miles per hour, which is twice as fast as any other aircraft has ever been known to fly. This sighting is known as one of the first UFO events that was widely reported on and gained attention across the world. 

Chorwon, North Korea

On May 20, 1951, a group of American soldiers were stationed at Chorwon, North Korea, during the Korean war. The group sighted a strange object in the sky that was about the size of a car, and was making several weird movements. The soldiers oddly enough felt physically sick after seeing the aircraft. 

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

Known for its consistent mysterious atmosphere, Skinwalker Ranch has been the site of several strange phenomena. UFO sightings, paranormal activity, mutilated animals, and strange lights in the night sky are all common occurrences at this ranch. Some say that it is cursed and a favorite location for extraterrestrials. 

West Palm Beach, Florida

Back in August 1952, a group of Boy Scouts were in the Florida Everglades when they saw an object the size of a car flying through the sky. The scoutmaster reported that the object blinded him with a beam of bright light that left him temporarily blinded. 

Fargo, North Carolina

October 1, 1948 marked the day a fighter pilot was completing a training flight when he saw a flying object that looked like a glowing ball of light. The pilot said the object followed him – he tried to escape the object for 27 minutes, and could only escape its trail by dangerously plummeting his aircraft towards the ground. 

Chicago, Illinois

At Chicago O’Hare International Airport, employees saw a metallic, disc shaped aircraft at Gate C-17. Several people remember seeing the object, but air traffic controllers did not see the craft, nor was it detectable through radar. After investigations by the FAA, they could not find any logical explanation for the sighting by the airport employees.