10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World


Relaxing at a beach is one of the best experiences. There’s nothing like kicking back on a sandy shore and enjoying the breeze and ocean views. But that might be a bit hard if you are surrounded by trash and debris. Can you believe that there are actually beaches that are engulfed in trash? This can be a real downer if you are trying to get away from the troubles of life, and you cannot escape dirtiness all around you. These types of beaches are destinations that you want to avoid at all costs. Who would want to waste their precious time off to enjoy themselves and make the mistake of visiting a disgustingly dirty beach. For the next time you are planning your vacation, avoid these 10 dirtiest beaches in the world. 

San Clemente Pier in California, USA

Although not the dirtiest beach out of the bunch, San Clemente Pier is still not the tidiest either. It still tops the chart as one of the dirtiest beaches in Los Angeles. The water off the shores of this beach has been designated as the dirtiest in Orange County, which contains harmful pathogens. 

San Clemente Pier | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Haina in the Dominican Republic

A coastal city located in the Dominican Republic, Haina or Bajos de Jaina is one of the dirtiest Carribbean beaches you may ever come across. Lead smelting is a major industry in the town, and has totally contaminated its beaches. 

Haina | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Serendipity Beach in Cambodia

Many people enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cambodia, especially the town of Sihanoukville. This town is home to several popular beaches that tourists visit in droves every year. But ironically, the beach named Serendipity is anything but, as it is riddled with trash and plastic all along the coast and floating in the water. 

Serendipity Beach | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Guanabara Bay in Brazil

After the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the disgusting nature of the city’s beaches at Guanabara Bay. Brazil is known for its beautiful landscapes, so a beach as dirty as this is totally out of character. At the time of the 2016 Olympics, it was filled with trash and debris, and the government promised back then that it would ensure a clean up. 

Guarana Bay | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia

This country is in Malaysia, where there are plenty of beaches that are pristine and display the typical beauty of a coastal shore. But Kota Kinabalu is an exception, as it is littered with trash and debris as far as the eye can see.  

Kota Kinabalu | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Juhu Beach in India

The trash on Juhu Beach in India is shockingly dense. Where you may expect to see sand, all you can see is trash packed in very tightly. It is a wonder that many locals actually still visit this particular beach. 

Juhu Beach | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Kuta Beach in Indonesia

Kuta Beach is another very dirty beach, and it is located in the Indonesian city of Bali. Sources say that locals believe the trash floats in from other places during very strong water currents, but it definitely piles up and makes the beach look less than sanitary. 

Kuta Beach | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Kamilo Beach in Hawaii, USA
When you think of Hawaii, you think of sunny beaches with amazing views. But all Hawaii beaches are not so picturesque. Kamilo Beach is filled with pollution and trash, and looks more like a garbage site. 

Kamilo Beach | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Maya Bay in Thailand

This beautiful beach was once pristine. But the increase in tourist activity after its feature in the film The Beach, with Leonardo DiCaprio, has left it quite dirty. Sources have said that it is in the process of being cleaned, but tourists really did a number of this beach. 

Maya Bay | 10 Dirtiest Beaches in the World | Zestradar

Phu Quoc in Vietnam

Phu Quoc in Vietnam is another beach that made the dirty list. Many online images show that the beaches here are pristine, but there are some images that show some not so clean areas that are littered with trash.