Wildest Celebrity Feuds With Politicians


Sometimes, people in showbizz get called upon to help support politicians. Since people right now are more likely to listen to the singer of their favorite song or an actor in a movie they really like instead of a politician who actually spends his day-to-day forming and enhancing policy, it only makes sense. 

And while usually this goes pretty well, there’s also a few times when mixing celebrity star power and politics has gone horribly wrong. Let’s take a look at some celebrity feuds with politicians that will never leave the collective memory.

The Dixie Chicks vs. George Bush

When the war on Iraq started, the Dixie Chicks thought they had to use their star power to say that they were against the war (who isn’t, really?) and that they were ashamed that their president was also from Texas, where the Dixie Chicks also hailed from. This led to them effectively being removed from the national radio and their lead singer was even portrayed as a Saddam Hussein supporter.

Alec Baldwin vs. Joe Liberman

There’s a lot that can be said about Alec Baldwin’s involvement in politics, but he’s always supported the same side of the fence and will die on that hill if he has to. The man even threatened to leave the US when George Bush became president. When Joe Liberman, a somewhat conservative Democrat that had quite some pull with the Republican voters as well, became an independant Senator, Baldwin toyed with the idea of challenging Liberman for his seat because Baldwin had “no use for him”.

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz wasn’t a popular politician by a large margin and Jimmy Kimmel is far from the only one to have had beef with him, there was something extraordinary about the exchange between these two. Kimmel caught some pictures of Cruz at a basketball game and referred to him as a blobfish, at which point the two gentlemen decided to play it out on the court. Their basketball game also made a nice $20,000 for a children’s hospital.

Ted Nugent vs. Barack Obama

Ted Nugent, who is a very big NRA activist and fullblood Republican, didn’t get along well with Barack Obama. It only makes sense for a man like that to use one of his music shows to wave around automatic guns and tell Obama to suck on one of them. Naturally, the Secret Service was only half-amused and paid the good man a visit.

Chrissy Teigen vs. Donald Trump

Much like the former mentioned Ted Cruz, ol’ Donald wasn’t a stranger to having celebrities publicly go against him either. At a certain point during one of Trump’s many, many Twitter rants, he referred to Chrissy Teigen as John Legend’s “filthy mouthed wife”, at which point Chrissy did nothing else but call Donald Trump a “p**** a** b****”. I’m sure you can fill in those asterisks yourself.

Tipper Gore vs. John Denver

Back before we all appreciated Al Gore, his wife Tipper started a personal crusade against a lot of music that was deemed to be violent, overly sexual or basically most of the songs you hear on the radio these days. John Denver was one of the artists that explicitly was against censoring or labeling music based on lyrics, especially when there was so much proof out there that it was often based on misinterpretation or just flat-out not listening to the song properly.