Twitter Made Brendan Fraser Trending With Some Weird Tweets And It’s Kind of Awesome


If you’re like me and you’ve been on this planet for at least a few decades too long, you probably remember who Brendan Fraser was. Younglings, listen up. Back before there was an MCU, one of Hollywood’s most popular actors was Brendan Fraser.

And while his movies were never (trust me, never) particularly good, they were always entertaining and endearing, simply because that’s the kind of guy Brendan Fraser was. And Twitter recently rediscovered the hidden gem that is Brendan.

His most famous movie series is probably The Mummy. The second installment of that launched the Scorpion King and Dwayne Johnson’s career in Hollywood. So everytime you take a moment to appreciate the treasure that is Dwayne Johnson, which you should do often, you need to remember that Brendan Fraser made that miracle happen.

For some reason, Brendan Fraser’s career went downhill rapidly when he was peaking in Hollywood. He’s just done the two first Mummy movies, he played a huge role in Crash, he had more projects than you can imagine.

And then all of a sudden, no more Brendan. Even in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, he went uncredited. And let’s be honest, that wasn’t exactly the kind of movie where you’d not want to use all the star power you had to attract audiences. And since then, Brendan has become nothing more than the occasional “oh that guy!” in shows or movies.

But now Tinder has rediscovered his best feature. It wasn’t that he was a great actor. It wasn’t that he lifted movies to a higher level than what they were intended for. It’s that he’s just genuinely someone that looks like a top bloke. And with all the years he’s spent trying to crawl back up from the hole Hollywood left him in, he deserves no less than for the people to remember what a joy that man is to watch. But crawl up from that hole, he did.

Since 2019, Brendan has been starring in the show Doom Patrol, and it (along with Brendan’s performance) has been getting amazing reviews. It’s a bit of a weird show based on characters from the DC Universe, but it’s put Brendan back on the map.

Let’s hope that this time his time in the spotlight will last a bit longer than the 10 or so years he had after making the Mummy. The guy deserves it, and Twitter seems to agree!